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Sunday, April 4, 2010


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i m probably one of the last few students in Malaysia who isnt bashing Utar for everything they do, again it seems that every students hate Utar , specially thoe who study in it.i found a common point in Malaysia and Utar though..

u noe how the people always complain about the government?

its the same as how Utar students complain about Utar admin

and the scary part it, just like the people, the student dare not do anything yet, most is bullshit-ing, because deep down inside these student, they are still pretty comfortable with Utar.

Because Utar isnt just a Ipta , its actually a community that u live in for a certain amount of years before u move on to the bigger crowd of working adults, or sucking up to executive, meeting powered politics and etc. and the same can be said about other colleges and university.

u make feel that it isnt the same as primary or secondary, but its the same, things are different in wat u study and wat u already know, but the feeling is the same, u got the friends u laugh and play with, and the friends u bitch and hate.teachers u like and u dislike. the elusive headmasters and the assistants. heck! if i put it that way, we're the same as hogswarts even without the magic of course.

many of students cover the fact that its more of a personal fact by stating the facts that are more publicly hated and tis channels more nagative energy. i have been studying two years here and the amounts of complains and hate mails and haters i see is incredible and increasing like a virus.

it disturbs me as to how students think nowadaya, cowardice is the word is daresay, they resort to evasive stunts like writing mails and forwarding to the community, some to the extent of photoshoping it, and it does looks real but further examination would prove otherwise, if u wanna speak out by all means speak out, i said tis a thousand times, go to somewhere where it works, where it will help, don bloody spam my fb page with ur immature remarks that lead others to their imagination or own construct or reality

for example. a student who properly dislike the parking system says " screw u UTAR on facebook"

another one who dislike Utar for the Gym opening hours probably think the student is talking bout tis as well , resulting to two different version of complains now, den it goes on and on.

UTAR REJECTS RM30 milllion

there was this report that Koon yew yin was giving out rm30million to develop hostels accomadation to students because he oso has a scholarship fund set up for students here.and those students complaing about the rental all around the place, so Koon decided he would give many to develop the project and all agreement was accepted besides the condition that Koon wants to have full power over the whole task force of building the hostel(seems like a good deal)

but apparently Utar thought it wasnt, so they rejected it now, now what would make Utar reject such an amount of money.

if u read the report as well, the whole deal proves to be very dodgy, and there are no reports of it on the main newspapers yet, the fact that he insisted with full power over task force is enuf to suspect foul play but yet the author did not mention this and being a corporate getting a rm30 mil donation with conditions is risky, because the chance of back fire is high.

and let me tell ur

the average price for a single room in kampar is rm260-300
and for double room is rm 190- rm 245

they are developing bigger houses and nicer designs now, but the supply is still way over demand, meaning there are more houses den people stayin in it.

so instead of flaming tis incident and suggest many of us just go with it, cause accepting it might result in uproars that i cannot say here.

i m always on the middle fence abut these UTAR vs Students thing, both have been wrong, and both have not actually tried to co-exist, its still the" i m here to just get that dam degree, fuck u, i don love u"

and just one last thing i wanna point out


i cant deny that it IS getting a bit expensive, but what is th most important thing u need? shelter food and water?

students owning these rooms are mostly the ones with cars, and guess what ? most of them live in kl, i have 8 out of 10 friends like these, while the room is expensive they find it vy simple to choose hop on their car and drive back to Kl almost every possible weekends, and beliv me they HAV a lot of possible week ends, the most expensive room to date mayb is rm 390 -rm 420.
one week ends drive back kl would cause bout RM 150 for transport and wat ever driving u do back in KL is ur own concern, make that atleast twice a month. thats rm 300 to the very least.

room rent is Rm 420 max, talk about expensive room rents

and thats just the max room rate,most of them stay at the rm 270 rooms, and still complain expensive but go back all the time. penang , taipaing, melaka, KL, pahang. IPOH does matter cause its really near. like half hour la, but the rest just makes me sad.

oh well bye bye ^^ thanks for reading again


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