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Friday, April 30, 2010

taipau~benjamin~式玮~things i still remember

lines a bit slow now, it rained just now and now just drizzling, hui min is studying for her exams good luck. just rearranged my room again. kinda feels awesome. haha.

so i lay down just now as the cool rain breeze came in and circled the room cooling the heat that was earlier.
den i went through some blogs, some friends, profiles,my msn list, my phone contacts.(kinda lifeless considering my finals are next tuesday) but i m like dat i dunno why.

so i remembered a lot a lot things from past to present about my friends and i

i remembered:-

1.that there was tis kid name alexander during standard 1 who accidently stapled his thumb and cried.he was my best bud back then, met him again when i went church later years. head monitor from standard 2 who left for sarawak after few months into the year.

3.that xie lao shi(miss chia) confiscated my pokemon cards (the rare ones! freaking charizard and blastoise!) and nv returned them, and den there was tis girl who threw a chair at me for teasing her with another guy

4.liang lao shi(mrs liong) was freaking fierce and she would cane so dam freaking hard when i made noise or didnt pass up home work.she would punish us for scoring low on the spelling quizes

5.Had the same class teacher for standard 5 and 6, she was very weird, she would talk half way and den suddenly stone kao kao for few mins. haha

6. best thing was our mid genting trip , there was a camp and the location was mid of the genting mountain. those were good times. miss my friends back den. some of them still got a bit contact though we seem far apart now. different lives different encounters different growth.~

7. went samad, mom actually wanted to get me in chs, but i refused, was too much of a bother.

8. bernard and josh. my first friends in samad and still my best buds. played ball and joined scouts together

9.went genting with the twins, the skating queen, the genius, the rich man, buford, josh, hui ling, may ling and a few more. had a great time there, that time it was low seasons, had most of the time to our selves no lines!

10.the scout camps were awesome and great, leadership, patrol, something something, and of course one of the best the legendary pangkor camp! we hiked around pangkor, tiring but fun, run uphill walk down hill, pangkor roads are freaking windy. then there was the great island adventure where we tried to tie a few big ass tires together and tried to swim/drift to the nearby coral island. the great pioneers were, me, choo yang, edwin , joshua, nicholas, chea teing, pei chuen and mayb more i cant remember all.confirm don hav sim ai and chea hwey and hui han. ahah.. awesome time there.

11. had done so many fun and exciting stuff with the guys during secondary, some are not to be mentioned. ahah. those late night meetings at horus now known as INC. spontaneous trips up genting. den there was the selangor open house which i lost the dam red jacket . the paintball event at padang timur. those random trips along the lrt up and down the stations. surprise birhtdays for friends. afternoon basketball in the hot sun

12.oh and nearly forgotten the recycling project during form1 and 2. ahah , den there was the scrabble competition at subang parade . those sports day marching where we skip school right after. 4 period pj times
den pergi abang horus again.

13. and there was the TRIP to the QM room. haha kena rotan still laugh den go toilet compare ass mark.

14. the times where one gets caught to go pathway den the others follow by tearing away collar badges and school badges.

15. the sad time when tony bernard and i lost first round and1 , lose to m.chans some mor. den took the long way home

16. the time tony lester and bernard visited me at the times square small comic con.

17. the yippee cup sessions at one u. now become vegetarian shop pulak  xD

and so much more super fun times.cant even list them all . so many different people that i have known. and yet more then half have gone their separate ways. even if we meet. we wouldnt hav much to talk about. that linked is fragile, from good schools mates whom we copied hw with or talked to during the changing of classes at the corridor to just casual acquaintances. a hi bye situation some barely even remembered who u are.
we graduated and those times were memories. now is casual movie outings, dota sessions, yum cha times.chill chill.some friends are still around and i cherish them, the moments, the talks, the time. who noes some might depart again to their own path. or mayb i m the one who would hav to . but unlikely. cause i m the one staying put here like the few of us.
mayb it doesnt mean something to some of us. but college or uni friends even work colleagues would nv beat friends who u known since secondary and stuck together for ten years and more. nothing beats that.


wishing everyone happy well being ~ as usual~



Anonymous said...


_VeL_ said...

I always wonder why primary teachers would cane the students. Why cannot use mouth talk only leh? Must cane and let us cry and scold them 99. last time I damn scared because didn't finish the homework then kena cane at the hand. =(

The Pangkor! Don't know why we so stupid go tie ourselves together and intended to swim there. Then half way, my leg kejang! lol.

So much fun time during secondary school. Miss those days. But I definitely not a scout girl. Cannot tahan the dirtiness and toughness that you all had. Envy le.

benjaminvai said...

lol. can learn to tahan wan ma...

u think talk got use meh? last time 50 in 1 class..

Unknown said...
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