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Monday, April 5, 2010


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did u ever played pokemon? like the old school version? the one with the yellow red blue and green version, that was when inintendo came up with gameboy, sweet nostalgic sensation. i nv realise until i check it out again out of boredom, it seems dat many hav chg from cute creatures that zap u silly, to downright weird and ugly looking ones.

These ones on top were the original 3 taht u get to choose one from before ur whole journey
a dragon, a turtle/tortois, and a cute looking dino with a seed on its back
seems far enough

now after 5 instalments and 300+ addition to the whole pokemon chart thing , u get these things up here, a frog, a chicken, and something that resembles a toad/croc/smiley face.
they seem cute at first den they just turn old and grouchy.

tis illustrates exactly how i feel about the advancement now. they goin to die now. pokemon is goin down under. =.=
and the main professor who gives u these to choose arent exactly fair, he cheats for his grandson

i totally owned the first and second version of pokemon, when it went sapphire den i knew i had to stop. that was years ago. lol


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