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Saturday, April 17, 2010

passion and interest

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recently many of my friends have been quite emo lately, depressed, stressed out, burnt out.

right after i recovered from it.

the problem is, they pu too much pressure on themselves, thats what i think.

i m saying i understand wats happening, but i have my fair share of feeling like the biggest loser in the world

but i m guessing the real problem is we don seem to be in peers or groups that share the same passion or interest.

music, sports, shows, movies, hobbies. they all don seem to evolve along with u.

u can say u like linkin park, but are u a fan? are u a true fan? i m not talking hard "chester pls sign my butt type fan" mayb just a fan that keeps up to date with the events they hold, the albums they come out with, or certain merchandises that are worth collecting." and what if u are a true normal fan? thats ur interest ur passion, believe me, passion is for sharing and interest too. u cant be a solo fan for linkin park screaming crawling in the middle of ur group assignments or during a cyber cafe game or a walk in the park. cause people would just think ure stupid or way too hardcore.
when u really have an interest of something, deep down u would wanna share it with others and hope to find people that have the same passion with u.

and now u probably gonna tell me about facebook fan pages and groups.

well groups are ok but its not authentic, some people join for fun, some people join cause they like one small thing about that group

and lets not get started with fan pages

XXX is now a fan of" edward cullen is so hot"
XXX is now a fan of" i hate waking up at 8 am in the morning"
XXX is now a fan of " i don like to join fan pages on facebook cause their annoying"

u get the point? the passion isnt there. its a troll, two halves of a coin.

my point is. we seek people , friends so to speak dat hav the same interest and passion for things.

like watching movie enjoying it and analyze its pros and cons like my friend colourless opinion

enjoying geek humour or certain social issues that are presented in a humourous way ( for general ) like

blogging something that ur like and want t share it with people like julien and her gazette filled blog

hui min and her colorful picture book blog

the internet has opened all means of finding people and putting them into a group of passionate people in one circle sharing and discussing( of course not the elusive facebook of sex) . its up to u whether u wanna be someone who just gonna sit in ur room and watch those CSI repeats or Taiwan dramas or animes alone or u wanna let people know about what interest u as well. the world of entertainment is nothing if someone far didnt tell u about lady gaga, or someone showed u forest gump .

star wars wouldnt have been so popular without a gigantic fan base and yearly comic cons that gather many people together. geeks or nerds. they are doin things they like(not the overly disgusting ones) they are happy doin it and they don give a shit wat we think. and yet we alwasy care about composure or image.

i like the colour pink and i like n sync and i love watching ultraman kamen rider power ranger and anime. thats what i like.i like silly toilet humour (southpark owns) i being nerdish(hurrah for big bang theory and the guild). comedy films like zohan and hangover make my day, crappy parodies like scary movie 1-4 or american pie rocks no matter how lame is it  and i m oso an under graduate studying advertising. i live the way i wan and do the things i like. no matter how old i get , i m not bowing down to the social system.

laugh all u wan, i m the wan enjoying wat i like.


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