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Thursday, April 15, 2010

king sushi has his way, the super fun time way.

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so its my first time goin to these sushi king Rm 2 bonanza that i always hear of.As u can see from the pictures it was a long wait, and its onli 11 am in the morning.

we finally got in after an hour of wait, there were 11 of us. wai siong, yanni, pc, cai wen, wann yang, adrian, yan jo, chee hong, ee lyn, hui min and i. so we split ourselves into two tables. though we got the ones that were away from the conveyer belts.a not so strategic position. haha

people were trying to get to the more expensive sushis, i.e the salmons and the unagis. i simply went for the not so expensive ones  that were conveniently available on the belt.
soon everyone got into the groove of sushi snatching at the open kitchen and we were all grabbing wat we got. the plates stacked up higher and higher haha resulting in 51 plates at my side and 40+                 on the other side

so after an hour of sushi consuming, we left the place oni to see more people lining up, the food wasn't good. its just normal. no impact as usual, u couldn't say cheap cause the expensive items were limited. its just another marketing scheme that proves to be a success each time . but the companionship was good, we were all laughing and joking away . haha


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