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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

frieNDs, and the things it comes with.

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Having these really nostalgic and complicated dreams lately,
many people i known appearing, doing things around. 
sometimes i m there and sometimes i m not.
and now i m having a splitting migraine, its focused on the left side of the head. 

Friends come and go , someone quoted.
but now i hav to disagree.
friends come and go physically, but nv spiritually or mentally.
when u hav a friend which u are good with, u generate a bond with them whether he/she feels that way

u cant help but remember these people,these friends that i have.
make no mistake, bonds arent memory 
a memory is remembered by all, in pictures, in videos and in speech
a bond is a feeling, a sense that at certain times or most of the time one sided

no one wants to admit these bonds because they think its love.
two guys wouldnt admit havin these bonds though they know(its gay)

Since form 6, i lost my self to memories of my past,my past meetings with great friends.
i hav cut all ties and communication with to the extend that i might be dead to time.
but i hav each and every one of them in my heart and soul, its not whether i remember their looks or speech
its how they feel, how were their presence.
funny, strong, dependable, sweet, nice, happy,joy,sadness,pain,dumb,stupid
things that make up more then wat a movie like amnesia could destroy

and i have nv forgotten these impact and feelings my friends made to me.

recently, i notice. many of my friends are becoming distant, flying off here and there, around the world.
meeting new people, doin great new things. no matter how much they chg when we meet one day, they would always be the same feeling to me. time nv stops, it moves on, but we could pick a piece of it and bring it along  the flows of time. 

Many of these friends, experience tough times that they dont share, simply because ure not their people to share with anymore, they have others, but they should know there someone people who would always be ready to do just that. 

Many of the friends i have , experience joy and sadness, some even worst. haunts of mistakes they did before, the pain of losing someone dearest to them by death or by break. when these tings happen. it it up to them to decide whether to shape up, or simply fade away into the mainstream of humans.

If u thought someone is distant but yet u still remember the feelings of friendship with them, always stay close, but if that someone does not notice u anymore, simply hav a big heart and keep them in it. a friend like "u" is worth a thousand gold bags of coins and some much more.

wishing all of friends good luck and well off.


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