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Saturday, April 3, 2010

benjamin foo sik vai

since i sprained my leg, and hav finished my individual assignments i thought i should like, ya know, make a long ass post about my self

Born at the Subang Jaya Medical Center on the 31st of march 1988 and name benjamin foo sik vai by my father, i mean the Christian name was my father's idea, even though i wasnt a Christian den, mom said he thought it was cool

i went on to study at the chim kindergarden at section 14, was a bit of a runt back den, talkative and playful , den move along to primary school named puay chai at ss2, 1995 was the year my father passed on and left my family with my mom my bro and i, i guess mom was totally destroyed that time as my father was the sole bread winner of the family, but she kept all of that to herself, and she nv decided to remarry though my dads side was a bit disrepectful to her i think for asking her will she remarry, but she didnt bother much although i guessed she was stab right into the chest by that remark, she worked hard despite her low education, all she thought of was raising me and my new born brother, YEAP! my brother bryan foo yau hui didnt even get to see his father not even once.

that pretty grief for i could imagined his feelings when he goes to school and see people's dad fetching them and all, i m such a jerk for being an ass to him loads of times, kinda sorry for that, he is 15 now, PMR soon, wished he would study hard to make my mom proud cause i wasnt able to do anything, little does he know that i have high hopes for him.

during our years, we moved about a lot, cause we couldnt afford a real home , we were living on people offering empty rooms for us until forced to move again, we didnt live in poverty, but we scraped through, material possesions like handphones and internet, or computers eluded us again and again, i didnt get pampered nor do i wished to now, mom gave us her love, her own way, as she HAS lived in poverty before. she didnt want us to end up like dat, i m grateful for her sacrifices for us.

went to secondary school, and met buch of great friends whom i treasure even till now and always hoped that i would be a part of their lives forever as they do to me.(sorry for being all emotional) i joined scouts(thx to bernard) experienced life a bit, great activities, developed my talking loud abilities, the power to speak out was there as well, then i learned basketball, been playing since form 2 till now, not that good, but can la. that was cause of bernard as well,. finally got in the school team at form 5, we finished third in the experience i had since i nv succeeded much.

graduated, SPM sucked so bad cause i neglected my studies, 1 frickin A onli, cried myself for three days, not cause of the bad results but cause of how i thought my mom would hav felt.

worked at a few companies during my none study times, there was hangten , animetech and ikea for the majors , and small ones here and there. good times, tiring but good experienced.

NOW studying UTAR, havin a identity ego crisis since a month or two ago, feeling much better now. regaining bits and pieces of u, i think evryone needs to be shattered once in a life, just to form a new you, a better you.

now i strive to be better of myself and for those around me , i wanna work in the advertising industry and if i m gonna succeed i need my bright confidence back more den ever.

if u guys read till tis point

just wanna say thank u



_VeL_ said...

I finished reading it! Ohh~ Benjamin~~

*hug hug*

benjaminvai said...


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