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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the basketball double date 10/4-11/4

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first day it was 3 on 3, i didnt play due to my injury, had the state player sub me instead and i was to manage the team . haha. well they did me proud then we wont third. the champion was imba, 2 national youth team player , big ass center some more 3 times my size. total ownage at the court.

the third place again , ahaha tis we are Kamen Rider
The awesomely lame Kamen Rider pose.

den the next day came, the inter faculty, every sem teams from each faculty play against each other to secure the top spot to represent their faculty in a death match under the sun in one day. two teams for each faculty . and thats hw the inter goes. the prize? a medal and bragging rights for one sem. haha oh yea fellowship as well

getting started after the briefing
my team playing the champion. we got knocked out. every year oso champion team knock us out. lol
pose pose, we need shades for tis day man
oup! thats me lol
champions or not, wat we gain here is fellowship, but basicly everyone knows each other cause we all play at the same court at evenings. haha. most of the good ones are all here. so its kinda small.
4 from my team. yes its pink

random guy. this two bloody hard

den we did tug of war just saw the officer in charge can pass up his homework to the admins. haha.

but we really did gain fellowship . haha it was fun and everyone is now darker.

well tanned


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