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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


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the mock up fever

assignment, to relaunch a brand . and make a model of the event

here is the aerial view of the construction
the theater and newsstand

the outer space view. :P

the theater

the clock tower

the theme was to create a new york old style cafe street. or townsquare. We had a lot of fun doin all these. pretty enjoyable. and we worked together well.not much to complain though we did work our asses off for tis assignment

and then the day of the reckoning came. presentation day. we carried out everything as usual. a normal presentation as one student should be i guess. though we were face with a tutor with a bit of a stronger agenda. lacked presentation skill we did. we were'nt able to establish an attention grabbing element. that was the biggest flaw.

i guess my groupmates were pretty let downed and pissed considering the efforts we put into the thing. but deep down inside i think we all wat the tutor said was right. we were too monotoned. too traditional. i guess its time for a change.

sigh. i feel bad for the whole thing as i think our marks are low. it doesnt effect me much cause my grades werent that good anyway, but my groupmates are all high scoring students. sigh i oso dunno how to talk to them now. its the usual scored low marks den become emo symptom.


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