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Friday, April 30, 2010

happy birthday julien~

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since i cant make it to ur 21st celebration.

i dedicate one small post to u la. happy birthday juju,ruki rapist., ruki stalker.

wish u all the best

thats the birthday girl there btm right. 

happy 21st, enjoy urself. 



taipau~benjamin~式玮~things i still remember

lines a bit slow now, it rained just now and now just drizzling, hui min is studying for her exams good luck. just rearranged my room again. kinda feels awesome. haha.

so i lay down just now as the cool rain breeze came in and circled the room cooling the heat that was earlier.
den i went through some blogs, some friends, profiles,my msn list, my phone contacts.(kinda lifeless considering my finals are next tuesday) but i m like dat i dunno why.

so i remembered a lot a lot things from past to present about my friends and i

i remembered:-

1.that there was tis kid name alexander during standard 1 who accidently stapled his thumb and cried.he was my best bud back then, met him again when i went church later years. head monitor from standard 2 who left for sarawak after few months into the year.

3.that xie lao shi(miss chia) confiscated my pokemon cards (the rare ones! freaking charizard and blastoise!) and nv returned them, and den there was tis girl who threw a chair at me for teasing her with another guy

4.liang lao shi(mrs liong) was freaking fierce and she would cane so dam freaking hard when i made noise or didnt pass up home work.she would punish us for scoring low on the spelling quizes

5.Had the same class teacher for standard 5 and 6, she was very weird, she would talk half way and den suddenly stone kao kao for few mins. haha

6. best thing was our mid genting trip , there was a camp and the location was mid of the genting mountain. those were good times. miss my friends back den. some of them still got a bit contact though we seem far apart now. different lives different encounters different growth.~

7. went samad, mom actually wanted to get me in chs, but i refused, was too much of a bother.

8. bernard and josh. my first friends in samad and still my best buds. played ball and joined scouts together

9.went genting with the twins, the skating queen, the genius, the rich man, buford, josh, hui ling, may ling and a few more. had a great time there, that time it was low seasons, had most of the time to our selves no lines!

10.the scout camps were awesome and great, leadership, patrol, something something, and of course one of the best the legendary pangkor camp! we hiked around pangkor, tiring but fun, run uphill walk down hill, pangkor roads are freaking windy. then there was the great island adventure where we tried to tie a few big ass tires together and tried to swim/drift to the nearby coral island. the great pioneers were, me, choo yang, edwin , joshua, nicholas, chea teing, pei chuen and mayb more i cant remember all.confirm don hav sim ai and chea hwey and hui han. ahah.. awesome time there.

11. had done so many fun and exciting stuff with the guys during secondary, some are not to be mentioned. ahah. those late night meetings at horus now known as INC. spontaneous trips up genting. den there was the selangor open house which i lost the dam red jacket . the paintball event at padang timur. those random trips along the lrt up and down the stations. surprise birhtdays for friends. afternoon basketball in the hot sun

12.oh and nearly forgotten the recycling project during form1 and 2. ahah , den there was the scrabble competition at subang parade . those sports day marching where we skip school right after. 4 period pj times
den pergi abang horus again.

13. and there was the TRIP to the QM room. haha kena rotan still laugh den go toilet compare ass mark.

14. the times where one gets caught to go pathway den the others follow by tearing away collar badges and school badges.

15. the sad time when tony bernard and i lost first round and1 , lose to m.chans some mor. den took the long way home

16. the time tony lester and bernard visited me at the times square small comic con.

17. the yippee cup sessions at one u. now become vegetarian shop pulak  xD

and so much more super fun times.cant even list them all . so many different people that i have known. and yet more then half have gone their separate ways. even if we meet. we wouldnt hav much to talk about. that linked is fragile, from good schools mates whom we copied hw with or talked to during the changing of classes at the corridor to just casual acquaintances. a hi bye situation some barely even remembered who u are.
we graduated and those times were memories. now is casual movie outings, dota sessions, yum cha times.chill chill.some friends are still around and i cherish them, the moments, the talks, the time. who noes some might depart again to their own path. or mayb i m the one who would hav to . but unlikely. cause i m the one staying put here like the few of us.
mayb it doesnt mean something to some of us. but college or uni friends even work colleagues would nv beat friends who u known since secondary and stuck together for ten years and more. nothing beats that.


wishing everyone happy well being ~ as usual~


Art - Lapham’s Quarterly

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Art - Lapham’s Quarterly

here is something interesting to know about. although its kinda disturbing if u imagine it

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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obviously frequent visitors notice the template chg,

its more work efficient and friendly now.

edited the about me page for a simple and not know much section

will try to focus more on interesting issues and also a more entertainin way of expressing my self


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

frieNDs, and the things it comes with.

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Having these really nostalgic and complicated dreams lately,
many people i known appearing, doing things around. 
sometimes i m there and sometimes i m not.
and now i m having a splitting migraine, its focused on the left side of the head. 

Friends come and go , someone quoted.
but now i hav to disagree.
friends come and go physically, but nv spiritually or mentally.
when u hav a friend which u are good with, u generate a bond with them whether he/she feels that way

u cant help but remember these people,these friends that i have.
make no mistake, bonds arent memory 
a memory is remembered by all, in pictures, in videos and in speech
a bond is a feeling, a sense that at certain times or most of the time one sided

no one wants to admit these bonds because they think its love.
two guys wouldnt admit havin these bonds though they know(its gay)

Since form 6, i lost my self to memories of my past,my past meetings with great friends.
i hav cut all ties and communication with to the extend that i might be dead to time.
but i hav each and every one of them in my heart and soul, its not whether i remember their looks or speech
its how they feel, how were their presence.
funny, strong, dependable, sweet, nice, happy,joy,sadness,pain,dumb,stupid
things that make up more then wat a movie like amnesia could destroy

and i have nv forgotten these impact and feelings my friends made to me.

recently, i notice. many of my friends are becoming distant, flying off here and there, around the world.
meeting new people, doin great new things. no matter how much they chg when we meet one day, they would always be the same feeling to me. time nv stops, it moves on, but we could pick a piece of it and bring it along  the flows of time. 

Many of these friends, experience tough times that they dont share, simply because ure not their people to share with anymore, they have others, but they should know there someone people who would always be ready to do just that. 

Many of the friends i have , experience joy and sadness, some even worst. haunts of mistakes they did before, the pain of losing someone dearest to them by death or by break. when these tings happen. it it up to them to decide whether to shape up, or simply fade away into the mainstream of humans.

If u thought someone is distant but yet u still remember the feelings of friendship with them, always stay close, but if that someone does not notice u anymore, simply hav a big heart and keep them in it. a friend like "u" is worth a thousand gold bags of coins and some much more.

wishing all of friends good luck and well off.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

passion and interest

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recently many of my friends have been quite emo lately, depressed, stressed out, burnt out.

right after i recovered from it.

the problem is, they pu too much pressure on themselves, thats what i think.

i m saying i understand wats happening, but i have my fair share of feeling like the biggest loser in the world

but i m guessing the real problem is we don seem to be in peers or groups that share the same passion or interest.

music, sports, shows, movies, hobbies. they all don seem to evolve along with u.

u can say u like linkin park, but are u a fan? are u a true fan? i m not talking hard "chester pls sign my butt type fan" mayb just a fan that keeps up to date with the events they hold, the albums they come out with, or certain merchandises that are worth collecting." and what if u are a true normal fan? thats ur interest ur passion, believe me, passion is for sharing and interest too. u cant be a solo fan for linkin park screaming crawling in the middle of ur group assignments or during a cyber cafe game or a walk in the park. cause people would just think ure stupid or way too hardcore.
when u really have an interest of something, deep down u would wanna share it with others and hope to find people that have the same passion with u.

and now u probably gonna tell me about facebook fan pages and groups.

well groups are ok but its not authentic, some people join for fun, some people join cause they like one small thing about that group

and lets not get started with fan pages

XXX is now a fan of" edward cullen is so hot"
XXX is now a fan of" i hate waking up at 8 am in the morning"
XXX is now a fan of " i don like to join fan pages on facebook cause their annoying"

u get the point? the passion isnt there. its a troll, two halves of a coin.

my point is. we seek people , friends so to speak dat hav the same interest and passion for things.

like watching movie enjoying it and analyze its pros and cons like my friend colourless opinion

enjoying geek humour or certain social issues that are presented in a humourous way ( for general ) like

blogging something that ur like and want t share it with people like julien and her gazette filled blog

hui min and her colorful picture book blog

the internet has opened all means of finding people and putting them into a group of passionate people in one circle sharing and discussing( of course not the elusive facebook of sex) . its up to u whether u wanna be someone who just gonna sit in ur room and watch those CSI repeats or Taiwan dramas or animes alone or u wanna let people know about what interest u as well. the world of entertainment is nothing if someone far didnt tell u about lady gaga, or someone showed u forest gump .

star wars wouldnt have been so popular without a gigantic fan base and yearly comic cons that gather many people together. geeks or nerds. they are doin things they like(not the overly disgusting ones) they are happy doin it and they don give a shit wat we think. and yet we alwasy care about composure or image.

i like the colour pink and i like n sync and i love watching ultraman kamen rider power ranger and anime. thats what i like.i like silly toilet humour (southpark owns) i being nerdish(hurrah for big bang theory and the guild). comedy films like zohan and hangover make my day, crappy parodies like scary movie 1-4 or american pie rocks no matter how lame is it  and i m oso an under graduate studying advertising. i live the way i wan and do the things i like. no matter how old i get , i m not bowing down to the social system.

laugh all u wan, i m the wan enjoying wat i like.


Friday, April 16, 2010

introducing hwey~ haha

Millipedes can be quite dangerous creatures, but the shocking pink dragon millipede takes the cake for its nastiness. This millipede shoots cyanide from its mouth. It is a spiny and toxic millipede aptly named for its bright pink color. These adult millipedes are approximately 3 cm long and live in the open on leaf litter. Because of their ability to create cyanide, the millipede smells like almonds (the common odor of cyanide).

thats badass man


Thursday, April 15, 2010

king sushi has his way, the super fun time way.

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so its my first time goin to these sushi king Rm 2 bonanza that i always hear of.As u can see from the pictures it was a long wait, and its onli 11 am in the morning.

we finally got in after an hour of wait, there were 11 of us. wai siong, yanni, pc, cai wen, wann yang, adrian, yan jo, chee hong, ee lyn, hui min and i. so we split ourselves into two tables. though we got the ones that were away from the conveyer belts.a not so strategic position. haha

people were trying to get to the more expensive sushis, i.e the salmons and the unagis. i simply went for the not so expensive ones  that were conveniently available on the belt.
soon everyone got into the groove of sushi snatching at the open kitchen and we were all grabbing wat we got. the plates stacked up higher and higher haha resulting in 51 plates at my side and 40+                 on the other side

so after an hour of sushi consuming, we left the place oni to see more people lining up, the food wasn't good. its just normal. no impact as usual, u couldn't say cheap cause the expensive items were limited. its just another marketing scheme that proves to be a success each time . but the companionship was good, we were all laughing and joking away . haha


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the ones that care

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Got tis from an email from min. it pretty much sums up what i feel , and wat i wanted to say since sometime ago. ^^

The following is the philosophy of Charles Schultz, the creator of the "Peanuts" comic strip. You don't have to actually answer the questions.. Just read the e-mail straight through, and you'll get the point.

1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world.

2. Name the last five Heisman trophy winners.

3. Name the last five winners of the Miss America pageant.

4. Name ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize.

5. Name the last half dozen Academy Award winners for best actor and actress.

6. Name the last decade's worth of World Series winners.

How did you do?

The point is, none of us remember the headliners of yesterday. These are no second-rate achievers. They are the best in their fields. But the applause dies. Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten. Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners

Here's another quiz. See how you do on this one:

1. List a few teachers who aided your journey through school.

2. Name three friends who have helped you through a difficult time.

3. Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile.

4. Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and special.

5. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with


The lesson: The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones that care

Pass this on to those people who have made a difference in your life.

"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia .." (Charles Schultz)

the outcome

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after the week of chaos and busted bodies.

its safe to say i gained a lot from i guess i m back on my feet again, new and improved.

note to self

improve academic value

kick champion ass next season

and let the passion in our hearts burn a brightly lit flame. ^^


the basketball double date 10/4-11/4

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first day it was 3 on 3, i didnt play due to my injury, had the state player sub me instead and i was to manage the team . haha. well they did me proud then we wont third. the champion was imba, 2 national youth team player , big ass center some more 3 times my size. total ownage at the court.

the third place again , ahaha tis we are Kamen Rider
The awesomely lame Kamen Rider pose.

den the next day came, the inter faculty, every sem teams from each faculty play against each other to secure the top spot to represent their faculty in a death match under the sun in one day. two teams for each faculty . and thats hw the inter goes. the prize? a medal and bragging rights for one sem. haha oh yea fellowship as well

getting started after the briefing
my team playing the champion. we got knocked out. every year oso champion team knock us out. lol
pose pose, we need shades for tis day man
oup! thats me lol
champions or not, wat we gain here is fellowship, but basicly everyone knows each other cause we all play at the same court at evenings. haha. most of the good ones are all here. so its kinda small.
4 from my team. yes its pink

random guy. this two bloody hard

den we did tug of war just saw the officer in charge can pass up his homework to the admins. haha.

but we really did gain fellowship . haha it was fun and everyone is now darker.

well tanned


the FbF night 10/4/10

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this the after night look, FbF stands for faculty of business and finance, its probably the biggest faculty in Utar at the moment, hui min was asked to emcee from her friend seng kwee who was the programme manager.

sadly that was the onli picture i took , no pics of the event unless u try searching it on facebook.

the whole night was enjoyable considering i was there alone not knowing people, the fbf student i know were all playing basketball at the court that night. haha. ironic. but i was here to accompany hui min not for my own amusement, but the programmes were good. bands dances and even stomp. talented people i saw that day. nv knew so many people had it in them, watching as u see people u know performing and doin the things they like is kinda of an inspiration to us all. i nv regretted goin, it proved more fruitful den expected ^^



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the mock up fever

assignment, to relaunch a brand . and make a model of the event

here is the aerial view of the construction
the theater and newsstand

the outer space view. :P

the theater

the clock tower

the theme was to create a new york old style cafe street. or townsquare. We had a lot of fun doin all these. pretty enjoyable. and we worked together well.not much to complain though we did work our asses off for tis assignment

and then the day of the reckoning came. presentation day. we carried out everything as usual. a normal presentation as one student should be i guess. though we were face with a tutor with a bit of a stronger agenda. lacked presentation skill we did. we were'nt able to establish an attention grabbing element. that was the biggest flaw.

i guess my groupmates were pretty let downed and pissed considering the efforts we put into the thing. but deep down inside i think we all wat the tutor said was right. we were too monotoned. too traditional. i guess its time for a change.

sigh. i feel bad for the whole thing as i think our marks are low. it doesnt effect me much cause my grades werent that good anyway, but my groupmates are all high scoring students. sigh i oso dunno how to talk to them now. its the usual scored low marks den become emo symptom.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

engine starto

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Had one of d busiest weeks ever since i came here.

started out 6/4/10

the next few posts shall feature the events of that past few days. putting them all in one blog might make it seem like a burden

Monday, April 5, 2010


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did u ever played pokemon? like the old school version? the one with the yellow red blue and green version, that was when inintendo came up with gameboy, sweet nostalgic sensation. i nv realise until i check it out again out of boredom, it seems dat many hav chg from cute creatures that zap u silly, to downright weird and ugly looking ones.

These ones on top were the original 3 taht u get to choose one from before ur whole journey
a dragon, a turtle/tortois, and a cute looking dino with a seed on its back
seems far enough

now after 5 instalments and 300+ addition to the whole pokemon chart thing , u get these things up here, a frog, a chicken, and something that resembles a toad/croc/smiley face.
they seem cute at first den they just turn old and grouchy.

tis illustrates exactly how i feel about the advancement now. they goin to die now. pokemon is goin down under. =.=
and the main professor who gives u these to choose arent exactly fair, he cheats for his grandson

i totally owned the first and second version of pokemon, when it went sapphire den i knew i had to stop. that was years ago. lol


Sunday, April 4, 2010


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i m probably one of the last few students in Malaysia who isnt bashing Utar for everything they do, again it seems that every students hate Utar , specially thoe who study in it.i found a common point in Malaysia and Utar though..

u noe how the people always complain about the government?

its the same as how Utar students complain about Utar admin

and the scary part it, just like the people, the student dare not do anything yet, most is bullshit-ing, because deep down inside these student, they are still pretty comfortable with Utar.

Because Utar isnt just a Ipta , its actually a community that u live in for a certain amount of years before u move on to the bigger crowd of working adults, or sucking up to executive, meeting powered politics and etc. and the same can be said about other colleges and university.

u make feel that it isnt the same as primary or secondary, but its the same, things are different in wat u study and wat u already know, but the feeling is the same, u got the friends u laugh and play with, and the friends u bitch and hate.teachers u like and u dislike. the elusive headmasters and the assistants. heck! if i put it that way, we're the same as hogswarts even without the magic of course.

many of students cover the fact that its more of a personal fact by stating the facts that are more publicly hated and tis channels more nagative energy. i have been studying two years here and the amounts of complains and hate mails and haters i see is incredible and increasing like a virus.

it disturbs me as to how students think nowadaya, cowardice is the word is daresay, they resort to evasive stunts like writing mails and forwarding to the community, some to the extent of photoshoping it, and it does looks real but further examination would prove otherwise, if u wanna speak out by all means speak out, i said tis a thousand times, go to somewhere where it works, where it will help, don bloody spam my fb page with ur immature remarks that lead others to their imagination or own construct or reality

for example. a student who properly dislike the parking system says " screw u UTAR on facebook"

another one who dislike Utar for the Gym opening hours probably think the student is talking bout tis as well , resulting to two different version of complains now, den it goes on and on.

UTAR REJECTS RM30 milllion

there was this report that Koon yew yin was giving out rm30million to develop hostels accomadation to students because he oso has a scholarship fund set up for students here.and those students complaing about the rental all around the place, so Koon decided he would give many to develop the project and all agreement was accepted besides the condition that Koon wants to have full power over the whole task force of building the hostel(seems like a good deal)

but apparently Utar thought it wasnt, so they rejected it now, now what would make Utar reject such an amount of money.

if u read the report as well, the whole deal proves to be very dodgy, and there are no reports of it on the main newspapers yet, the fact that he insisted with full power over task force is enuf to suspect foul play but yet the author did not mention this and being a corporate getting a rm30 mil donation with conditions is risky, because the chance of back fire is high.

and let me tell ur

the average price for a single room in kampar is rm260-300
and for double room is rm 190- rm 245

they are developing bigger houses and nicer designs now, but the supply is still way over demand, meaning there are more houses den people stayin in it.

so instead of flaming tis incident and suggest many of us just go with it, cause accepting it might result in uproars that i cannot say here.

i m always on the middle fence abut these UTAR vs Students thing, both have been wrong, and both have not actually tried to co-exist, its still the" i m here to just get that dam degree, fuck u, i don love u"

and just one last thing i wanna point out


i cant deny that it IS getting a bit expensive, but what is th most important thing u need? shelter food and water?

students owning these rooms are mostly the ones with cars, and guess what ? most of them live in kl, i have 8 out of 10 friends like these, while the room is expensive they find it vy simple to choose hop on their car and drive back to Kl almost every possible weekends, and beliv me they HAV a lot of possible week ends, the most expensive room to date mayb is rm 390 -rm 420.
one week ends drive back kl would cause bout RM 150 for transport and wat ever driving u do back in KL is ur own concern, make that atleast twice a month. thats rm 300 to the very least.

room rent is Rm 420 max, talk about expensive room rents

and thats just the max room rate,most of them stay at the rm 270 rooms, and still complain expensive but go back all the time. penang , taipaing, melaka, KL, pahang. IPOH does matter cause its really near. like half hour la, but the rest just makes me sad.

oh well bye bye ^^ thanks for reading again


Saturday, April 3, 2010

benjamin foo sik vai

since i sprained my leg, and hav finished my individual assignments i thought i should like, ya know, make a long ass post about my self

Born at the Subang Jaya Medical Center on the 31st of march 1988 and name benjamin foo sik vai by my father, i mean the Christian name was my father's idea, even though i wasnt a Christian den, mom said he thought it was cool

i went on to study at the chim kindergarden at section 14, was a bit of a runt back den, talkative and playful , den move along to primary school named puay chai at ss2, 1995 was the year my father passed on and left my family with my mom my bro and i, i guess mom was totally destroyed that time as my father was the sole bread winner of the family, but she kept all of that to herself, and she nv decided to remarry though my dads side was a bit disrepectful to her i think for asking her will she remarry, but she didnt bother much although i guessed she was stab right into the chest by that remark, she worked hard despite her low education, all she thought of was raising me and my new born brother, YEAP! my brother bryan foo yau hui didnt even get to see his father not even once.

that pretty grief for i could imagined his feelings when he goes to school and see people's dad fetching them and all, i m such a jerk for being an ass to him loads of times, kinda sorry for that, he is 15 now, PMR soon, wished he would study hard to make my mom proud cause i wasnt able to do anything, little does he know that i have high hopes for him.

during our years, we moved about a lot, cause we couldnt afford a real home , we were living on people offering empty rooms for us until forced to move again, we didnt live in poverty, but we scraped through, material possesions like handphones and internet, or computers eluded us again and again, i didnt get pampered nor do i wished to now, mom gave us her love, her own way, as she HAS lived in poverty before. she didnt want us to end up like dat, i m grateful for her sacrifices for us.

went to secondary school, and met buch of great friends whom i treasure even till now and always hoped that i would be a part of their lives forever as they do to me.(sorry for being all emotional) i joined scouts(thx to bernard) experienced life a bit, great activities, developed my talking loud abilities, the power to speak out was there as well, then i learned basketball, been playing since form 2 till now, not that good, but can la. that was cause of bernard as well,. finally got in the school team at form 5, we finished third in the experience i had since i nv succeeded much.

graduated, SPM sucked so bad cause i neglected my studies, 1 frickin A onli, cried myself for three days, not cause of the bad results but cause of how i thought my mom would hav felt.

worked at a few companies during my none study times, there was hangten , animetech and ikea for the majors , and small ones here and there. good times, tiring but good experienced.

NOW studying UTAR, havin a identity ego crisis since a month or two ago, feeling much better now. regaining bits and pieces of u, i think evryone needs to be shattered once in a life, just to form a new you, a better you.

now i strive to be better of myself and for those around me , i wanna work in the advertising industry and if i m gonna succeed i need my bright confidence back more den ever.

if u guys read till tis point

just wanna say thank u


Bersih 3.0 and I

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