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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

when u have a good feeling~

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usually when u have a good feeling about things , good things come or its because u are in a good mood. recently been havin good feelings bout a lot of things , however bad things seem to be happening. LoL

my phone is screwed, both of them, one cant answer call the other mike spoil, answer oso cant talk to the person on the other line.


its week 7 now . some assignments are done and some not . i m really enjoying the creative strat classes, the petty assignments that we are required to do is actually quite fun, even if its worth almost zilch, actually i rather it was really worth nothing. gaiing experience is more den enough, mind you i did not study to just get that piece of paper, that just boring, i study to learn, to acquire things that i will not be able to obtain later on in life.

funny thing is, tis sem is suppose to be one of the toughest throughtout my degree, yet i have not felt the pressure yet, mayb its because i m not producing the standard of work i should. or mayb my mind just does not want to acknowledge its hardship, or jut mayb just the slightest mayb i m a genius~ :P

recreating videos and making movie posters , so excited about it, though i noe it won be easy :D

my mid term is later, but i m not givin it any thought simply because the lecturer is boring and one track minded. all she does is add more pictures and add more colours i mean WTH, hasnt she heard that simple makes more meaning sometimes then a bag full of goodies ?

power ups~
u really need a set of music or mind set that keeps u goin and in the groove for ur assignments
here is my list:

the gazette-representative song- cassis
~simply put, its inspiring with a certain darkness to it, not talking bout the lyrics but the melody,the important thing about jap music to us is that the melodies touches us first.the soul of it all thats the basics of music.

Abingdon boys school-representative song~strength
~a build up motivating song, with the words u will feel more motivated, a invisible strength to move u forward =)

Uverworld- slow song fast song wth i love em all
~a more publicly acceptable tune, when u blast their songs, people tend to ask u wat u are listening to cause it sounds so good. keeps ur mood up and upbeating

along with the lists and my proud archive of growing 3k plus jrock and jpop songs, alice nine, sug, sid, kelun, redballoon, last alliance, larc en ciel, glay, greeeeeeen. back on and the list go on


gonna attend tis dance club dance night tingy on thursday, a friend invited us, so i thought mayb i bring hui min there la. since she likes these dancy dancy things, i mean its not like i don, i enjoy real performance , not those goyang goyang in club hope to touch some booty type .

intra faculty is coming , my team is ready, sponsored and pink jerseyed !

hope we get first tis sem, the other teams are just blardy tough to handle.

and we did a quick rebranding of the malt drink malta, i was quite happy with wat we came up with in 15 mins or so. haha

happy sem, stressful sem, it seems i realize the oni way is t take it seriosuly yet relaxing and last minute works are nv the way to go.

group assignment~

we hav 4 big ass assignments to go. the group ones, midnight gonna burn like crazy yo.

but have no worries, haha, my groupmates ae bloody powerful , like power ranger type.

lim wei is freaking awesome at drawing
julien is like the reason we are getting the jobs done, power organizer sial
ah theng is vy good at info finding and spotting missing links
ah mian is skilled in picture editting and gives out surprising well idea
and that leaves me to suck at everything. haha, my job? probably lighten the stress mood? i don even know , but i like tis group, and i m trying my best not to disappoint them la.

i wan a new hp T.T

but i m dead broke, so so broke T.T


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