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Friday, March 26, 2010

sprained ankle~ sprained time~ sprained brain

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well, decided to go out play ball that day , and *krack* down came my ankle. i swore it went 360 on me. and den even before my shoes were taken off . wah lah!

probably the second worst sprained i had since the time i tripped over bernards leg over practice during form 5, that was pretty stupid. well tis one seems like its on its way to healing. its still swollen and the blue back is starting to surface.

worst thing is my presentation was the next day and we missed some part and i had to go over to my group mates house to do it. pretty stupid of me cause they could hav just came to my house. haha. on presentation day i had to slide and skip my way to the classroom. the presentaion went quite well i say. besides a small part which we didnt elaborate on it. ( i hav no idea why classes are so inactive, it makes me feel like a show off when i m the oni wan speaking my mind. damn it.)sigh, and den we hav our academic review deadline next week.

ms ina said something quite hurtful but motivating at the same time

" i didnt give u a deadline but u all noe the final deadline is week 13, and that was week 1, u all were given an assignment that was 100% your own work. and u didnt even start till week 9 and u come up with things so lame i can die" or something like dat. which really makes sense la. sigh. i really need to procrastinate smarter.

oh well, assignments are barging in again. no doubt we can finish it la. but i feel dat i m quite useless from time to time. gotta pick up the pace for my self. with a sprained ankle . cant even move properly. haha.

Qing Ming is coming soon, i wish i could hav gone back to visit my grandma and fathers grave. hope they will understand la.

hmm speaking bout goin back. next year may i would be leaving. thats a good and bad thing. i can go into the industry and do things i imagined doin, but i would miss kampar so bad. and i m not even sure if i could land a job. oh well. everything will reveal itself sooner or later.

not sure if u can enlarge tis. but tis screen shot is really funny. haha.

wish me luck ^^


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