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Monday, March 29, 2010


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havent been able to hav good sleeps. i hav long sleeps but not good ones, repetition of dreams i cant remember but they all make feel the same anxiety and confusion.

the helplessness of not being able to remember it worries me even more.

the feelings i hav is like a storm,




stress is it?

i m not sure now.

i find my self in a state of low self esteem, broken confidence. is tis wat it meant by mentally broken down?

my ego seem to be gone, even words of confidence that are said don feel as though they are mine anymore.

i feel as though i m merely existing , merely HERE in tis earth. i hav a purpose, but it seems so far so blur. unreachable.

could it be ~ benjamin~ u are dying

could the very realization that u are but a mere weakling hav such an effect on u?

could i hav lost the sense of self righteousness and self esteem?

there seems to be no end to my misery, my confusion.


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