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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my 22nd birthday


its twelve and officially my birthday is here again 31st of march. easy enuf to remember :)

Had an early one day birthday dinner with some of my best buds here in kampar. nth much to say la. just very happy lo

and i m 22nd tis year ady, old liao lo haha

thanks again to all my friends for ur wishes and presence and smiles, and thanks in advance to those who will wish me as well. ^^

i really seldom celebrate my birthday , onli the times when i came kampar i had celebrations, probably a tradition among many people. the company is always great, the wishes feels nice.

its nice to know that years ago on tis vy date. ur were out into the world and never knew u would meet so many friends and people. u nv knew at that time the life that was ahead of u. and now i could onli take a peek at my past and look ahead in my future endeavours.

my birthday wish?

well its pretty easy,

here are some small clues


haha. ^^ and hui min !!



Unknown said...

yappy burfday... never invite me cis LOL

benjaminvai said...

if u come confirm i welcome u haha

Annie C. said...

hapi burfday ya..
become lou ye le..haha

benjaminvai said...

yea lo

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