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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


watched legion with min min today on my laptop, its kinda true wat people say about it, apart from its angel/God emo at human concept and angel with metal wings that deflects bullet with nice spinning street fighter ryu helicopter kick move. the movie is way too over rated. like seriously

the trailer look so bad ass with its creepy grandma shit.

my POV was its gonna be cool but still lame in a sort of way. erm, scratch that! i meant lame in a sorry way. i mean, the cast aint that bad

we got dennis quaid... and some other guy, plus a hot chick random emo child.

its a thriller in disguise of a hero adventure tale.

creepy kids and old ladies are the best thing in there .

i wouldnt recommend legion anywhere in the world. EVEN if u hav to watch clint eastwood back to back. like a thousand times.

i don even need to give a summary, it doesnt hav one.

"human disappoints the 'God" in the movie, "God send his lackey go kill humanity, lackey suddenly grew balls of steel to defy him, den God send lackey's best friend or relative after him" humanity saved for a while end of the whole stupid story. *yawn*

rating: 1.999/5 ( i just cant put my finger on 2) LOL

and here is a new segment i like to add in my reviews, the my favourite scene section.

here it is

seriously, when someone tells u dat u hav no hope, u noe wat to say.

thats it for now. ^^



Unknown said...

Haha I don't think it's overrated cause' nobody ever said that it's nice. But it had its hype before it was released.

Nic said...

righttttt...maybe we should learn that so no matter what people say, it won't bring us down :)

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