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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the human puzzle we are

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scientifically speaking, we are all made up of DNA, tiny organisms coliding and manipulating and growing to form one entity

in a more abstract view, we are a puzzle.

a puzzle made of feelings,emotions, thoughts and the will to live.

to make evolution or change sound simple. its just like a piece of us drops down and another takes its place. thats why we exist and don die off.

there are occasions where more den a piece falls off. we call dat broken apart. emotionally and mentally.

words hurt

and words gives motivation.

whether o not u are able to reform urself is another thing,but pain is the proof of living as many cliche films hav said.

i m gonna graduate in a year plus, i hav many things wanna do and yet i hav nothing i CAN do.

i wanna work in the advertising field, i really do. i wanna make great impact in people. change them be a part of their puzzle pieces. and den after ten years or so. i wanna be a lecturer. not the monotoned type, i wanna be a lively one. an active wan.

but people shoot me down so dam badly. because of my careless, playful nature, it is unacceptable for me to hav a dream of educating people i don recall that lecturers need to be boring. or cant hav fun.

i m sticking with my plan. i really wanna prove myself. but yet i m afraid.i feel failure surrounding me. wrapping me in a tight bundle. ready to suffocate me. so afraid of failing i hav become i failed too much. i wan the courage to pick myself up once again.

and yet i feel empty and powerless to do it. i need something big. i need something that is gonna smack me silly and make me wake.


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