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Friday, March 12, 2010


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when i say epic, i meant epic.

like awesome above awesome epic.

and when the word comes in mind oni one represents pure epicness

i posted tis anime a while back.

and now with both its movie out. its official that pretty much no mecha show can rise to its standards in another 20 years. not even with final fantasy like cgi graphics.

the effects matter , but oni half of it. the other half is just pure heart and soul

some might say the whole story is way too exagerating. to the limits of absurdity but no matter which point u wan to look at it, its still creativity and passion.

saying words here wont really mean much unless u really watched both movies ur self, or the series, but i recommend watching the movies. do bear with the small boring parts because those are the things that connect evrything together.

first movie trailer

second movie trailer

watch it , recommended, download it buy the dvd, if ure a anime fan u will enjoy it.

taipau ^^

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