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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

k year burnout

havin a burnout

don wry not because of my gf oso. not my friends either

its just something that works up after a long run of excitement and self exhaustion.

i m seriously not cut out to be studying, i m all out for learning

there is a big difference. studying does not necessary mean u will remember, u are just being forced to read and memorize, its good if u can remember it without much trouble , however knowing how to apply it or even think that its useful.

learning on the other is something u do unconciously, usually found when doin practical works something that ur mind and body will either remember by heart or vaguely but its always there. and not much trouble is needed to remember it.

here are some causes

A compulsion to prove oneself
Working harder

and the symptoms

Neglecting one's own needs
Displacement of conflicts (the person does not realize the root cause of the distress)
Revision of values (friends or hobbies are completely dismissed)
Denial of emerging problems (cynicism and aggression become apparent)
Withdrawal (reducing social contacts to a minimum, becoming walled off; alcohol or other substance abuse may occur)
Behavioral changes become obvious to others
Inner emptiness
Burnout syndrome

recovering from a burnout depends on a persons will and people around them, even if they try to single themselves out, true friends would never let that happen.

i will back on my feet in a day or two i guess ......

on a side note. Ms Ina our lecturer/tutor for creative strat made us play cops and robbers for her tutorial class yesterday.when i told min she asked me wat was the " moral" or the motive of the whole activity. i told her nothing,and she thought it was just wasting time and that my tutor should hav thought something else. but i m glad ms ina has this sort of thing once in a while. it generates energy, in the context or fun loving active youth and u can see who is and who is not yesterday. mayb people think its childish but i think that its a good way to refresh urself by doin something random. the one reason that the world is getting out of hand is people hav forgotten the very roots of havin fun, its not the PSP or the PC games, its not the movies or the karaokies, its not the clubbing and the drinking . its the fellowship and bonds u hav with ur friends no matter what u do. the fact that social entertainments are increasing u find different friends at different places and u forget old ones ~ u adapt to the new one. (well,most people do)

being childish is not necessary a bad thing. when u do play childish things deep down in u, u enjoy them, thats the sign that u haven forget urself, if u loath childish activities like chasing each other. chances that u have became so stucked up and boring that the rests of ur life might be like that as well.

it never hurts to hav a little kid in anyone. even ur grandpapa or grandmama




Ryanne said...

Very well written! Your list of burnout symptoms is so true. Written like a true student!

Don't worry, you are surrounded by good friends who will stand by you through thin and thick.

Good luck and take care!

hui min said...

looks like u've found ur moral of d story:) well u can learn about ppl too, but it depends when u wanna stop learning or when u think that u actually learnt enough and u stopped~ haha lol!

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