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Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Chinese New year~ Little big soldier review.

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Chinese New Year is always a portal for chinese movies coming out, and usually with much festive themes , for this year there was, all ends well 2010, 72 tenants , LITTLE BIG SOLDIER and of course our very own local production, woo hoo.

chinese new year is always busy for me, following my mom visit relatives evry single day. hardly see my friends oso, yesterday i went out with them to hav a drink.den later own after finding out that one of my friend wants to watch little big soldier i decided to join as well since i was also finding some one to watch one of the many CNY movies offered.

i checked the gsc website on my trusty k530i running on opera mini and was surprised to see a showing at 1 am . on a working night. so we went to grab ourselves to tickets and as my friend said, we hav no idea wat or how the movie is, even though it was supposedly the movie with the best reviews around tis time, we went in with no trailers watched or any clue besides it being a jackie chan movie with mr wang lee hom.

it didnt bother me that it was jackie chan after rush hour 1 , 2 ,3 or that he is gonna be some crappy vin diesel twin in "the spy next door" or a mr miyagi wannabe in the "karate kid " reboot.cause i notice that jackie is still good in the chinese movie industry , shinjuku was a movie that was enjoyable and little big soldier wouldnt make it without him.

SO, the plot of the story was somewhat custom made to blend in to the timeline which there were the war among the seven nations who thrive to unified china, the storyline need not any creativty nor was it cliched, its just a normal go through as u watch type of story, when u come no one is gonna hav a shot at the storyline being stupid.

Jackie plays little soldier , a deserter from the battlefield who was lucky enuf to hav caught the enemies general who was already badly injured during the war,general who is played by lee hom had a nice kind vibe to it as oppose to not beinh awkward at all, this was most probably because lee hom is speaking in chinese and not his not so good canton , jackie speaks good chinese all the time. i couldnt help feeling that the character played by jackie was made exactly to him, and that onli he could make it work. haha.

the casting was probably low budgeted with lee hom probably the highest earning actor there alongside jackie. everyone else seemed noobish in a way, specially the korean wannabe chinese prince.

A story that focused on the fateful meet of two individuals each with their own strong desire and aims for life, a camparison between those who wan it to be simple and those the ambitious hearts. no good an evil was shown, oni sides whom have their own believes to hold on to. patriotism and anti war, blended with comedy and the gimmicks that jackie so love to employ into his films.

A movie that is worth watching when ure in a good mood, fitted for the festive seasons

rating :3/5


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