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Sunday, February 21, 2010

the crash down.

since there has been a storm passing by daily. my management figures that there is no possible way to always reboot and recollect data that has been , there all shall be remain dumped.

as the new system approaches. i m sorry that many storage space will be cut because there is simply place to use. memories as well will be erase permanently into a small yet fragile circle which its stability will still be uncertain. and no steps will be taken to settle it. because there is no need to. if u find storages disappearing no need to panic, just ignore and forget about it.

however there is the opposite storage space unit in ones mind that is full of space because tis other system is allowed full access to the whole damn universe and does not give shit about any other system even the one crashing down right in front of it. this system is widely known to hav more negative data capacity den positive capacity and claims that is does not hav a problem with even thought the other system has a problem with it.

this new system wins all, and no matter how many shall try to crack and reason with. the reasoning tis system comes out with is GOD it self. its reasoning is omni and almighty

so, bye bye old storages. good luck in ur future endeavours.

this old system shall stay here and be cracked as the new system mostly care how the old system pampers it with the little old parts it has left and keeps the new acquired parts and storages to it self.

see ya ^^



cheahwey said...

been meaning to ask you this, do you know a huey san in your advertising course?

benjaminvai said...

i think she is my senior, not sure leh

hui min said...

did the old system process any information b4 saving any data then?
it would have prevented the crash :)

so, do u get 2 noe how was singapore? and the likes?

anyways, ignorance is not always bliss~ as u noe its better to be informed than sorry :)

Anonymous said...

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