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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

blown apart bit by bit

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bloody win is freaking strong tis morning, that alleyway back to my house proved to be impossible for some, the pressure so strong dat even i had a hard time moving forward, i tood at the middle of it. the wind sweeping no wait, cutting or better yet slicing my skin, on my right i see the curtains of another house nearly blown away and den she woke up to close it, shocked to see a big figure at day break she closed her window and off back into her warm comfortable bed as i enjoyed the hardy feel of this strong gusts of winds. couldnt help but be wary of any flying cows or tennis ball which might oh so coincidently hit me head first and make me die a gruesome death "final destination" the crappy one style.

times when i can’t focus. my body is still puzzled about what to do.
I’m trembling. I can’t stop even if I want to control myself.
although neither the sun nor the moon are on my side,
“I’ve no choice but to try,” those were the words I muttered to myself day in day out.

the odds aren’t on my side,but running away’d be gutless be cowardice.
Even if I can’t see the future, I’ll just have to win it over with courage with guts.
need to hav a target a goal or just a simple achievement.
all that’s needed for victory is the pride and the will to win.

will i celebrate with the wine of victory or’ll we end up kissing their feet in defeat?
there are two outcomers in everything. I want to control destiny.
with the hands that i have
would i be able to forge a better future
or would i not be able to go any further

its pointless to seek for wat i losts in the past
and there is no reason to dwell in petty present wealth
the answer i seek has to be forward
a future yet to be seen, yet to be form
would i do something
to trigger the grandfather paradox
a millionaire
a begger
a salaryman
a rockstar
or just plain old me

could i not have something of my own as well?
would i be able to find something worth doin?
or better still would i be able to excel in what i like now?
points to ponder
these are points to resolve
the questions that one must ask
if ever one want to move forward


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