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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception

what does the title mean? it basically means that the cultural industry as we know it , is nothing but a puppeteer fishing money from our pockets and yet we cant help but take the bait, why? because its already been planted into our heads, our social circle, our life that what appeals to us will still appeal to us no matter what, everyone noes spiderman is a fake and the stunts are computer generated yet we all still help the movie with its record breaking gross box office hit racking up millions on its first week.

deception? i think thats a bit too harsh, its more like manipulating but we cant think of it as a con because it takes creativity to make things that can appeal to the some 6.2 billion people living on earth. just like how counting cards in the casino need logistic and statistical analysis abilities.with tis so called deception the world might not be how it is now. we would not hav many of the things we like now. japanese with their animations and visual kei bands like gazette , or those lovely korean babes and hunks like SNSD and Big bang . those american rap artists and pop groups would not have lived as well. it takes one to know one.

u see there are so many people in tis world each with their own set of emotions that its hard to appeal 100% to any person, i might like the new design of the nike shoe but yet nike does not appeal to me as it does to many other of its fans.or how certain movies are wat everyone is talking bout but yet to some its a blardy waste of time , take the famour twilight for example. fangirl base ? YES fanboy base? LIMITED, what do u think u could do with the next installment to actually bring in the fan boys ei? switching bella? nah she's cute in a way. nothing much u could do to achieve godspeed fanboy increament within the next decade for tis movie .

take advertising as an example. there are so many firms and students takin tis as a means of career and mind you its not exactly the easiest thing around. try imagining trying to target a group of 60 year olds to buy the latest maybelline make up or the latest hand bags around. how would u appeal to them? luckily for us that target market is still limited with somewhat 50% of the worlds population below 27 year old. its easier to relate an iphone to a 20 year old den a 60 year old. trust me . but one idea onli works for a certain amount of time. ipod was branded as cool and funky , the idea was u get a ipod on ur waist and u are cool. thats how they appeal but as soon as evryone gets 1 u need a new strategy to bring in consumers who doesnt want it because too many have it already, tis ALWAYS happens to the electronic industry. from laptops now they call it notebook and den nokia are calling em booklets now wont be long when they become flyers or brochures. LOL.

creativity is a 50/50 process u either have it or u don ~quoted from my awesome advertising lecturer pn fraulina tajuddin~ and when u feel that u don, go find a friend who u think IS creative, it'll rub off on u. A sense of humour is always needed for these type of things , if ure not funny chances are ure not interesting as well. and creativity is not art alone, i can splash 3 colors on a canvas and call it creative , its not that way onli. creative needs plan as well. a plan to how to do it ,how to appeal, how u wan ppl to see ur ads , ur humour, ur point , in the most outrageous way possible .

didnt these ads and videos made u smile? specially the last one. i m like ,hei! i wanna be there too.

the world today has been shifted so much and the once deception is actually reality now in my opinion. we have a world where we admire beauty and coolness, a world where life is much more worth it if u smile and share. taking one step at a time , mayb the world is able to chg for the better better tomorrow. ^^

most of these were inspired by pn fraulina as well other lecturers who hav thought me.

i m havin the best sem yet.

pn fraulina aka ms ina has asked us to recreate a video from her choice of 6 to be uploaded on youtube and shared among everyone . haha. lets just have some great fun!


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