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Sunday, January 10, 2010

trust of people~

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lets face it, how many people trust the government now? how many people actually depend on them? besides certain ethnic groups .

times are tough now, for us

many reasons.

inflation is by far the most obvious, the prices of CNY products are doubled and some even tripled.

higher spenders and buying desires, but yet the same old income and salary how do we live better if wat we need is 4 times our own salary.

racism? religious integrity?

showing dissatisfaction over things tht provoked u, throwing petty tantrums in hopes of in stiling fear into the opposite parties, do u people actually think that it works? (regarding the recent arson activities)

it pisses me off to see acts of stupidity everyone does. as if its working, what goals to u achieve by makin a mess out of things

sometimes it makes me wonder, am i gonna survive malaysia to come? don get me wrong i love tis country, its history and landscape, most of its people, but what is failure that i see to make such a great land prosper better and better?

so many rants and unhappiness, sad to say it out, a darken path for us. would we the youths shine a light in it? or would we just be shrouded by it as most do? am i confident enough that in the near future i would not be affected by these as well?

hopes for the best~


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