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Sunday, January 31, 2010

times in tanah air ku

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recently i m told by someone that i m vy messy and "lao sao" and i use unappropriate languages specially on facebook.and thus i m adviced to watch my language and how i keep my life together because i m an advertiser and soon to be a graduate.

well,i m not sure i have an argument on tis one though

why? because its a very subjective matter. its basicly, young vs old

so as i went through the internet scrapping around for infos and journals plus surveys
here is a summary of wat i found out.

80% of youths nowadays are constantly bugged by their parents and relative on how they dress,speak,eat,sleep,play and behave. a typical teenager here wears a pair of jeans (baggy for comfort)a normal (state ur brand) t shirt, and most times either a pair of sneakers or flip flops and now the pasar malam crocs.they have their wallet and handphone at all times.their hair simple black and down comb to look straight,they speak their native language to their close friends (for example canton) , they eat fast foods or the mamak, or the kopitiam. they sleep on their beds, the play computer or sports or some times cards with their friends, and they playfully insult each other and make random lame jokes . why? because its how they live their
life, and 80% of them are under graduates or college students with a good education. engineering,chemical,public relations, banking, accounts, litreture etc. and most of them are sloppy and casually simple with their lifes. its not that they don care but they know when they need to be serious and when there is no need. plus they don really care how people perceive, because there is no point. there is no point on living if u are gonna to be thinking of how people look at u instead wat u an really do, a petty thief can dress up like james bond and bluffed the life savings of a couple anytime he wants cause he dresses smart.

The fact is, there is actually no point in looking smart and classy or mayb just nice if u r just gonna be cheating urselves and people around because there are times when u need to dress up smartly, like an interview or a function and there are times u can just be in ur shorts and slippers walking around like some beggar.people don really care anymore. A big smile on a dirty hermit is way better den the fake smiles of white collar workers or stuck up rich people.

If i m goin out in a suit i would look really professional too, and u wouldnt know that i m the wan cursing and acting like a fool in front of the friends and when u do find out, think how disaapointed u would be? bcause i m gonna be an advertiser that wears flip flops to see my client cause its comfortable and not some one who is gonna sweat in his armani trying to look like some one he is not.

the point is, there is no point in judging someone by how he/she looks anymore, its totally irrelevant, many companies know that now. and they adapt to it. because production is wat matters.

but the big problem is many people still think otherwise.its hard to curb something so stereotyped that finding a flying purple pig with wings would be 10 times easier.

and how to i look like now?

i look like big and dark young adult who is sitting slighty hunched typing a blog post on my lap top while topless and i haven tidied my bed since tis morning. wat am i doin? i m reading journals on communication theories and social issues on the web trying to research on links between celebrity worship and product arousal.could u hav known that if i was walking on the streets with my bermuda and cheap slippers with a sweaty face and messy hair talking rubbish with my friends talking loudly and acting foolishly?

if u are someone who thinks looks and behaviour are evrything den obviously u wouldnt know.

always remember ,there are always two sides in a persons heart its which side u wan that matters.

discrimination is unresolved and yet besides racial and gender and status issues .apparently looks are something worth taking a look at as well.

haha*laughs a big sigh laugh *

ps: its not like i m favouring the youths , because i seen many great man managers and owners or big companies act like children and dress sloppily and people would not know who they are ,but they don care. because they are happy that way. so its up to where u are standing.

from the way i talk and act in my daily life, no one would hav expected that i m able to write posts like tis all the time , no one at all ^^


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