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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


there are some anticipated movies comin out tis month~ but unfortunately i cant catch them since i m in kampar. such as tooth fairy and legion.

however i did manage to catch these two films before my trip back.

a team up by real old dogs john travolta and robin williams, a fun family comedy to watch, the film it self if funny for the kids and for the more adult humours there are a few naughty puns as well, a nice story as expected from disney . i simply don understand why the critics are givin it a big low blow.
i mean when its a disney comedy, what do u really expect? sex jokes every where? entertaining is the film, i didnt say u hav to watch it at the cinemas though, mayb a quick download or a dvd for the whole family for the movie night on the saturdays will make many feel good.

rating 3/5
overall comments: a few LOL moments , a few smiling moments, and one big feel good feeling~

yet another movie that was better den expected

some might say its the rise of vampire movies and other go entertainment, with twilight saga as the lead. the amazingly big fanbase of twilight would want to rip tis film to shreds, yet it will be appealing to the likes of me and many other twilight haters

the design of tis movie is very well done, i especially liked the opening credits, cirque du freak is base on the novel by darren shan.

its not a romantic piece of crap shitlight saga if u wan ur answers clear.

john c reily did a good job, it gives a certain dark touch to a creative creation, a tad bit of tim burton with a dash of coraline and imaginarium to the mix, with a line of interesting characters brought to life on screen with wonderful costume designs , the freaks are amazing to be seen.

it is not a blockbuster film, however creative designs and mindset brings tis movie to a special level where one always question whether its good a not.

one of the few set backs to tis film however is the main actor, a new comer to the film industry which needs a rather big help to boost any performance he has and a storyline that needs a bigger fixing, no doubt modified by the script writers from the book to stick to the budget and timespan of the movie.

watch it for urselves , whether its at home or at the cinemas just make sure u hav a dose of this movie, breathes back some life in to the vampire franchise i might say.

rating 3/5
overall comments: improvement would be needed, and better performances by the actors as well, a film which i would like forward to its sequel in years to come. a personal point though

just hav a watch^^

for both the film ^^



Unknown said...

wtf so free one you?

benjaminvai said...

mana free, usually i oso watch two movies in a row wan la lol

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