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Saturday, January 2, 2010

new years double review!

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well havin to be able to watch two movies on the first day of new years, its time to review it.

first up , a show that not many people come to know of i guess

the imaginarium of doctor parnassus

sounds stupid? dumb? childlike?

well, if u are thinking to bring ur kids to watch tis movie STOP RIGHT THERE, tis is a movie that has so many symbolic meanings that even i could not get all of it. the film was well written by all means, even though it drags a bit in the middle but it was shown later as an important part of the film.

greatness of imagination and the wickedness of temptation, sometimes we hav one choice and one choice onli, the game of life

i would tis movie is vy much enjoyable. i was thinking how sucky it was half way through and den it struck me like a bolt of lightning, HEI tis movie aint bad at all, look at all the signs, the messages its trying to convey. and den it suddenly became such an interesting film, i had to recalled back wat i saw earlier to get some messages that dragged.

alice in wonder~ a different story. dark and bright at the same bloody time. great work.

however there were some confusing parts that could be cleared up. its just like looking though a semi frosted glass. but deep down inside , its a brilliant and imaginative movie!

one fact of tis, tis was the late heath ledger's last project that he didnt finish.( he played joker in dark knight if u dunno ) the project was den halted.later on after much discussion it was den continued with the help of johnny depp, jude law and colin ferral , after some clever rewrites , heath's character was to be told as a person who changes appearance throughout different imaginations. the pay for the movie from them were complete transfered to heath's daughters matilda for her future undertakings.

the movie is not actioned, but a fantasy where one can actually relate to, if u look that much closer to it.

watch it! get a dvd , watch it in the movies. just pay attention to it. ^^

3.5/5 would be a fair rating.

heath and friends were awesome, they look almost alike.

NEXT UP, something that evryone was looking forward too as well


yeap, the character by sir arthur conan doyle, played by the talented robert downey junior.

witty british humour along with crime solving and the keen ability to observe and conclude, research and develope, investigate and martial arts, and a bad doctor as well, holmes is Godlike. played by the talented downey junior or better known as ironman, his performance deserves applauds from all around the world. he portrayed holmes to me as how i would i thought of it.
modernized to fit a new audience. and a one man csi team. holmes and downey junior captured the heart of the audience almost immediately.

the other cast were great as well, a great integrity among the crew.jude law was good as watson too i must say . one last word i would say bout tis movie is stylish.

onli one point that i would fuzz about was the case itself. i was not sucked into the mystery but i just found myself waiting for a witty comment by holmes or some remarkable conclusion by his words. the mystery itself when revealed was too linear.but it was probably for the general audiences.

one thing for, now many kids will once again know sherlock holmes

and a sequeal should be out soon enuf.

3.5/5 as well

two good movies in one day ~its gonna be a good year ^^


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