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Saturday, January 9, 2010

laptop on the lap~a nostalgic occurence

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i m sitting on the couch,with my trusty maxis broadband in the usb port but it has a freaking limit, 3 gb. i mean, that not enough for a heavy user like me.
i got my songs
my animes to download
those movies and videos argh.

oh well. thats oni when i come back. i still can blog and fb, what more can i ask for now. kampar got unlimited access. so its better den nothing now.

my laptop is on my lap how bout that. the onli prob is the heat from the fan. haha. hot leh~

my grandpa is hospitalized so i had to go teman him for a few days now in the afternoon, so when it was time to ciao i go across the street of the UH now called UMMC to wait for my mom as she picks up the kids from catholic. den u always see bus 12 passing by picking up and dropping people.

BUS 12

most samadians will noe tis historical bus, haha some more den the rest. our faithful companion i must say, for our ventures into ss2 and the cyber world.form 1 was the time i met bus 12, back den we nv used it much, it was the hike up the samad hill to section 14 alpha one and power house back then, den form 3 came and we were more of a ss2 gang since horus was at ss2 , dota was introduced to me by dear old brian, u son of a gun, haha. den i started spreading to my buddies as well, bernard, josh , lester, edwin, marvin and a few more joined the gang. back den the bloody viper still looks like a giant piece of cloth "coutl' was its name that time, i still remember the e zone night runs with some of the guys. den the versions got better and look nicer.and we kinda grew up with dota and bus 12. skipping school for a get together at the horus.

Those were the days, back den none of us had a car, it was bus 12 all the way, i remember once after a marching exercise for the sport houses that we jumped over the den wall and start running towards the bus like a bunch of convicts playin prison break,ah~ scouting has its benefits.

i started out at 1 A, den they moved us and osso chged the classes to flower names, we got 1 seroja, and there were the mawar boys and the kembojians, who knew that time a certain bond would be tangled~, knew bernard and josh first during those times, trying to act all studious but to no avail we were quite lazy. had fun though in class with them, there was also dear old retired miss jeya, wondered how she is doin now, we dance everything you do by m2m for her, haha jade was the lead along with shireen. and then there was the literature act that the substitute trainee teacher asked, the pencil was the novel's name, bern and i played zahid and dollah, and there was a scene that zahid and dollah was struggling for the pencil and bernard being zahid threaten to grab my balls, bloody form 1 kid , we laughed bout that later on. LOL.

speaking of plays , we did another short sketch in form 4, malay wan some more, the malay teacher whose name escaped me asked us to make a short sketch in groups, we did rape scene and cop chasing around, me bernard josh and edwin i think brian oso i m not sure. den jin huei sam they all did another, about basketball wan and the haze. ended up with jin huei dying or fainting. LOL

yeap form 4 adil was hectic, benjamin,brian,bernard,joshua,edwin,sam,jin huei,kevindra. what a combo. den we got broked up at form 5


hmmm , thats it for now i guess, just blabbering about the pass, high school was always the best.

till the next wan,


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