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Thursday, January 7, 2010

facebook and blogging

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sitting here in the dark, staring at my 14" screen of my acer aspire 4920 laptop, i figured i might as well do some rubbish writing.

i m sitting here, typing tis, with my avf headphones on, and blasting Golden time lovers by sukima switch , its stuck in my head, i don even care, i hear raindrops falling outside hitting the zinc top that my apartment has and feeling a bit of the sprinkles from the rain that hits my opened window. the cool night rain, something worthwhile to enjoy.

its been half a year mayb that i hav blogged, ya know, its such a vast universe out there, with all the blogs and sites that literally tells u if he/she is shitting outside ur gate now or some dude just decides to chop his cat down for dinner. with the addition of twitter and other tweet like media, the world has become so much smaller, that u cant tell whether its far or near anymore.

ur facebook page becomes ur diary , ur updates. its like sending a sms to a thousand people with just a tad bit of band width

facebook update : xxx: is shitting in the pool of his friends party.

comments by zac:dude, ure so cool~

comments by asslicker: awww man, that sicks . *peace bro*

facebook update : xxx: is actually shitting in the pool of zac's party.

comments by zac: .........OMG, no u didnt ?!?!?!

and asslicker & 501 others likes tis.

with the creation of facebook, it marks the doom of many other sites such as friendster and hi5 for example. the effects of it is freaking huge.

my aunt gets into a rant whenever her line affects her from plucking vegies on farm buddy or what ever it is.

Blogs on the other hand could be either informative, entertaining or destructive.

but i m not sure which wan people prefer, but my money's on destruction.

social sites are definitely a change in life, makes u realize the world is big yet small at the same time. u learn many a thing here, internet made tis possible.

soon, clients are gonna ask for ur fb account rather den ur business card.

so its good to hav a more formal looking e mail account for fb den

or something similar.


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