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Sunday, January 31, 2010

times in tanah air ku

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recently i m told by someone that i m vy messy and "lao sao" and i use unappropriate languages specially on facebook.and thus i m adviced to watch my language and how i keep my life together because i m an advertiser and soon to be a graduate.

well,i m not sure i have an argument on tis one though

why? because its a very subjective matter. its basicly, young vs old

so as i went through the internet scrapping around for infos and journals plus surveys
here is a summary of wat i found out.

80% of youths nowadays are constantly bugged by their parents and relative on how they dress,speak,eat,sleep,play and behave. a typical teenager here wears a pair of jeans (baggy for comfort)a normal (state ur brand) t shirt, and most times either a pair of sneakers or flip flops and now the pasar malam crocs.they have their wallet and handphone at all times.their hair simple black and down comb to look straight,they speak their native language to their close friends (for example canton) , they eat fast foods or the mamak, or the kopitiam. they sleep on their beds, the play computer or sports or some times cards with their friends, and they playfully insult each other and make random lame jokes . why? because its how they live their
life, and 80% of them are under graduates or college students with a good education. engineering,chemical,public relations, banking, accounts, litreture etc. and most of them are sloppy and casually simple with their lifes. its not that they don care but they know when they need to be serious and when there is no need. plus they don really care how people perceive, because there is no point. there is no point on living if u are gonna to be thinking of how people look at u instead wat u an really do, a petty thief can dress up like james bond and bluffed the life savings of a couple anytime he wants cause he dresses smart.

The fact is, there is actually no point in looking smart and classy or mayb just nice if u r just gonna be cheating urselves and people around because there are times when u need to dress up smartly, like an interview or a function and there are times u can just be in ur shorts and slippers walking around like some beggar.people don really care anymore. A big smile on a dirty hermit is way better den the fake smiles of white collar workers or stuck up rich people.

If i m goin out in a suit i would look really professional too, and u wouldnt know that i m the wan cursing and acting like a fool in front of the friends and when u do find out, think how disaapointed u would be? bcause i m gonna be an advertiser that wears flip flops to see my client cause its comfortable and not some one who is gonna sweat in his armani trying to look like some one he is not.

the point is, there is no point in judging someone by how he/she looks anymore, its totally irrelevant, many companies know that now. and they adapt to it. because production is wat matters.

but the big problem is many people still think otherwise.its hard to curb something so stereotyped that finding a flying purple pig with wings would be 10 times easier.

and how to i look like now?

i look like big and dark young adult who is sitting slighty hunched typing a blog post on my lap top while topless and i haven tidied my bed since tis morning. wat am i doin? i m reading journals on communication theories and social issues on the web trying to research on links between celebrity worship and product arousal.could u hav known that if i was walking on the streets with my bermuda and cheap slippers with a sweaty face and messy hair talking rubbish with my friends talking loudly and acting foolishly?

if u are someone who thinks looks and behaviour are evrything den obviously u wouldnt know.

always remember ,there are always two sides in a persons heart its which side u wan that matters.

discrimination is unresolved and yet besides racial and gender and status issues .apparently looks are something worth taking a look at as well.

haha*laughs a big sigh laugh *

ps: its not like i m favouring the youths , because i seen many great man managers and owners or big companies act like children and dress sloppily and people would not know who they are ,but they don care. because they are happy that way. so its up to where u are standing.

from the way i talk and act in my daily life, no one would hav expected that i m able to write posts like tis all the time , no one at all ^^


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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a while back i suddenly had the urge to edit anime videos and turn them into anime music videos, i lost the original files due to laptop being corrupted and reformatting, luckily i already uploaded them to youtube , so here they are.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

cleaning services

after a consideration that i TOO need to do some jobs do make some money, i figured odd jobs or chores are the best.

i m student, its good, and i get paid for the service i provide, very cheap some more

i m not sure if we are gonna make it, but i think we all hav to start some where.

so now, the clean4u-westlake chore services is officially opened to all that stays in westlake

here is our website

and here is our facebook page

taipau! ^^ sure hope tis works

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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ok firstly , i dunno what the heck is tis about

and secondly, tis is something u don see everyday, thanks pang chong for informing us about tis.

balik kampar, oh~ oh ~ oh~ balik kampar



there are some anticipated movies comin out tis month~ but unfortunately i cant catch them since i m in kampar. such as tooth fairy and legion.

however i did manage to catch these two films before my trip back.

a team up by real old dogs john travolta and robin williams, a fun family comedy to watch, the film it self if funny for the kids and for the more adult humours there are a few naughty puns as well, a nice story as expected from disney . i simply don understand why the critics are givin it a big low blow.
i mean when its a disney comedy, what do u really expect? sex jokes every where? entertaining is the film, i didnt say u hav to watch it at the cinemas though, mayb a quick download or a dvd for the whole family for the movie night on the saturdays will make many feel good.

rating 3/5
overall comments: a few LOL moments , a few smiling moments, and one big feel good feeling~

yet another movie that was better den expected

some might say its the rise of vampire movies and other go entertainment, with twilight saga as the lead. the amazingly big fanbase of twilight would want to rip tis film to shreds, yet it will be appealing to the likes of me and many other twilight haters

the design of tis movie is very well done, i especially liked the opening credits, cirque du freak is base on the novel by darren shan.

its not a romantic piece of crap shitlight saga if u wan ur answers clear.

john c reily did a good job, it gives a certain dark touch to a creative creation, a tad bit of tim burton with a dash of coraline and imaginarium to the mix, with a line of interesting characters brought to life on screen with wonderful costume designs , the freaks are amazing to be seen.

it is not a blockbuster film, however creative designs and mindset brings tis movie to a special level where one always question whether its good a not.

one of the few set backs to tis film however is the main actor, a new comer to the film industry which needs a rather big help to boost any performance he has and a storyline that needs a bigger fixing, no doubt modified by the script writers from the book to stick to the budget and timespan of the movie.

watch it for urselves , whether its at home or at the cinemas just make sure u hav a dose of this movie, breathes back some life in to the vampire franchise i might say.

rating 3/5
overall comments: improvement would be needed, and better performances by the actors as well, a film which i would like forward to its sequel in years to come. a personal point though

just hav a watch^^

for both the film ^^


Monday, January 11, 2010

thought in hand

staring at my ceiling for the pass few hours with the occasional get up and refresh facebook action.

i thought to my self, where is my life gonna be headed. i hav a pair of hands, and they seem magical, why? because sometimes they seem full and sometimes they don.

u noe the vy quotable quote we always see? "the future is in ur hands" or something like that.

how much of it is true? andi just how much of it is bullshit

i stared at my palm, its big enough to hold an apple, but can i guide myself up again? yes i noe it was a metaphorical speech but yet it has some truth in it, if u wan to eat the apple, u gotta hav it in ur hands rite?

occasionally i just feel a gush of wind through me. that left me feeling, helpless annd non existent

i dunno how or why, i feel that my world is so small now.

i noe Min Min is always there with me, and then my mom and bro. if i m back in kampar i got my mates as well. but yet as i came back to kl, i notice something , actually Min made me notice something. i don hav anything to do here anymore. those dota sessions which usually ends up with yum cha-ing nearby and crapping. turns out to more of a drinking sessions. and i don even noe wat i m doin there... (sry guys, i seem far away now) ...

it seems to me, that i m cut out to actually be more alone that i thought i should, i mean i look up at my phone and my facebook and all i see is a few notable numbers who i can call to chill. less den a hands worth. i seem to be walking at a path that i m lost in but has yet to noe.

i must hav thought i had evrything under control. but it isnt, i was just leaving in the past.~ things has definitely chg, naiveness don work anymore, no one cares for that shit anymore.

when u stare down at ur own palms, do u think u hav urself under control, or are u imagining it.

waking up from a dream of the past, i must have been under chronic hibernation~





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improved blog with new labels and a visitors guest book

i here by , formally welcome all to taipaueffect


Sunday, January 10, 2010

trust of people~

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lets face it, how many people trust the government now? how many people actually depend on them? besides certain ethnic groups .

times are tough now, for us

many reasons.

inflation is by far the most obvious, the prices of CNY products are doubled and some even tripled.

higher spenders and buying desires, but yet the same old income and salary how do we live better if wat we need is 4 times our own salary.

racism? religious integrity?

showing dissatisfaction over things tht provoked u, throwing petty tantrums in hopes of in stiling fear into the opposite parties, do u people actually think that it works? (regarding the recent arson activities)

it pisses me off to see acts of stupidity everyone does. as if its working, what goals to u achieve by makin a mess out of things

sometimes it makes me wonder, am i gonna survive malaysia to come? don get me wrong i love tis country, its history and landscape, most of its people, but what is failure that i see to make such a great land prosper better and better?

so many rants and unhappiness, sad to say it out, a darken path for us. would we the youths shine a light in it? or would we just be shrouded by it as most do? am i confident enough that in the near future i would not be affected by these as well?

hopes for the best~


Saturday, January 9, 2010

laptop on the lap~a nostalgic occurence

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i m sitting on the couch,with my trusty maxis broadband in the usb port but it has a freaking limit, 3 gb. i mean, that not enough for a heavy user like me.
i got my songs
my animes to download
those movies and videos argh.

oh well. thats oni when i come back. i still can blog and fb, what more can i ask for now. kampar got unlimited access. so its better den nothing now.

my laptop is on my lap how bout that. the onli prob is the heat from the fan. haha. hot leh~

my grandpa is hospitalized so i had to go teman him for a few days now in the afternoon, so when it was time to ciao i go across the street of the UH now called UMMC to wait for my mom as she picks up the kids from catholic. den u always see bus 12 passing by picking up and dropping people.

BUS 12

most samadians will noe tis historical bus, haha some more den the rest. our faithful companion i must say, for our ventures into ss2 and the cyber world.form 1 was the time i met bus 12, back den we nv used it much, it was the hike up the samad hill to section 14 alpha one and power house back then, den form 3 came and we were more of a ss2 gang since horus was at ss2 , dota was introduced to me by dear old brian, u son of a gun, haha. den i started spreading to my buddies as well, bernard, josh , lester, edwin, marvin and a few more joined the gang. back den the bloody viper still looks like a giant piece of cloth "coutl' was its name that time, i still remember the e zone night runs with some of the guys. den the versions got better and look nicer.and we kinda grew up with dota and bus 12. skipping school for a get together at the horus.

Those were the days, back den none of us had a car, it was bus 12 all the way, i remember once after a marching exercise for the sport houses that we jumped over the den wall and start running towards the bus like a bunch of convicts playin prison break,ah~ scouting has its benefits.

i started out at 1 A, den they moved us and osso chged the classes to flower names, we got 1 seroja, and there were the mawar boys and the kembojians, who knew that time a certain bond would be tangled~, knew bernard and josh first during those times, trying to act all studious but to no avail we were quite lazy. had fun though in class with them, there was also dear old retired miss jeya, wondered how she is doin now, we dance everything you do by m2m for her, haha jade was the lead along with shireen. and then there was the literature act that the substitute trainee teacher asked, the pencil was the novel's name, bern and i played zahid and dollah, and there was a scene that zahid and dollah was struggling for the pencil and bernard being zahid threaten to grab my balls, bloody form 1 kid , we laughed bout that later on. LOL.

speaking of plays , we did another short sketch in form 4, malay wan some more, the malay teacher whose name escaped me asked us to make a short sketch in groups, we did rape scene and cop chasing around, me bernard josh and edwin i think brian oso i m not sure. den jin huei sam they all did another, about basketball wan and the haze. ended up with jin huei dying or fainting. LOL

yeap form 4 adil was hectic, benjamin,brian,bernard,joshua,edwin,sam,jin huei,kevindra. what a combo. den we got broked up at form 5


hmmm , thats it for now i guess, just blabbering about the pass, high school was always the best.

till the next wan,


Friday, January 8, 2010

the day the earth stood still

with the exam results for the short sem out, everyones time seem to just stopped.

in the cinapek term, JIALAT

in the malay term , mampus

and in the all good american english, F**K

haha, well, all is over my fellow buddies. whether u dropped or sunk, u noe that everything sucks

so suck it all up, and move on. don give up on the world

cheer up guys, something HAS to be worst den tis.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

facebook and blogging

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sitting here in the dark, staring at my 14" screen of my acer aspire 4920 laptop, i figured i might as well do some rubbish writing.

i m sitting here, typing tis, with my avf headphones on, and blasting Golden time lovers by sukima switch , its stuck in my head, i don even care, i hear raindrops falling outside hitting the zinc top that my apartment has and feeling a bit of the sprinkles from the rain that hits my opened window. the cool night rain, something worthwhile to enjoy.

its been half a year mayb that i hav blogged, ya know, its such a vast universe out there, with all the blogs and sites that literally tells u if he/she is shitting outside ur gate now or some dude just decides to chop his cat down for dinner. with the addition of twitter and other tweet like media, the world has become so much smaller, that u cant tell whether its far or near anymore.

ur facebook page becomes ur diary , ur updates. its like sending a sms to a thousand people with just a tad bit of band width

facebook update : xxx: is shitting in the pool of his friends party.

comments by zac:dude, ure so cool~

comments by asslicker: awww man, that sicks . *peace bro*

facebook update : xxx: is actually shitting in the pool of zac's party.

comments by zac: .........OMG, no u didnt ?!?!?!

and asslicker & 501 others likes tis.

with the creation of facebook, it marks the doom of many other sites such as friendster and hi5 for example. the effects of it is freaking huge.

my aunt gets into a rant whenever her line affects her from plucking vegies on farm buddy or what ever it is.

Blogs on the other hand could be either informative, entertaining or destructive.

but i m not sure which wan people prefer, but my money's on destruction.

social sites are definitely a change in life, makes u realize the world is big yet small at the same time. u learn many a thing here, internet made tis possible.

soon, clients are gonna ask for ur fb account rather den ur business card.

so its good to hav a more formal looking e mail account for fb den

or something similar.



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mayb i should start giving tags on my blogs. u noe? for the search engines?

does that work?

anyway, mint showed me some bitchwork~ , *groan*

lucky she aint one.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

i know

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somethings u need a jolt onli den u realize the big picture of it

somethings u pretend u dunno, but u already get it

and den there are things which u thought was good all along and den comes and slashed right in the middle

well either way, its just life. so yea, we deal with it


Saturday, January 2, 2010


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i suck


new years double review!

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well havin to be able to watch two movies on the first day of new years, its time to review it.

first up , a show that not many people come to know of i guess

the imaginarium of doctor parnassus

sounds stupid? dumb? childlike?

well, if u are thinking to bring ur kids to watch tis movie STOP RIGHT THERE, tis is a movie that has so many symbolic meanings that even i could not get all of it. the film was well written by all means, even though it drags a bit in the middle but it was shown later as an important part of the film.

greatness of imagination and the wickedness of temptation, sometimes we hav one choice and one choice onli, the game of life

i would tis movie is vy much enjoyable. i was thinking how sucky it was half way through and den it struck me like a bolt of lightning, HEI tis movie aint bad at all, look at all the signs, the messages its trying to convey. and den it suddenly became such an interesting film, i had to recalled back wat i saw earlier to get some messages that dragged.

alice in wonder~ a different story. dark and bright at the same bloody time. great work.

however there were some confusing parts that could be cleared up. its just like looking though a semi frosted glass. but deep down inside , its a brilliant and imaginative movie!

one fact of tis, tis was the late heath ledger's last project that he didnt finish.( he played joker in dark knight if u dunno ) the project was den halted.later on after much discussion it was den continued with the help of johnny depp, jude law and colin ferral , after some clever rewrites , heath's character was to be told as a person who changes appearance throughout different imaginations. the pay for the movie from them were complete transfered to heath's daughters matilda for her future undertakings.

the movie is not actioned, but a fantasy where one can actually relate to, if u look that much closer to it.

watch it! get a dvd , watch it in the movies. just pay attention to it. ^^

3.5/5 would be a fair rating.

heath and friends were awesome, they look almost alike.

NEXT UP, something that evryone was looking forward too as well


yeap, the character by sir arthur conan doyle, played by the talented robert downey junior.

witty british humour along with crime solving and the keen ability to observe and conclude, research and develope, investigate and martial arts, and a bad doctor as well, holmes is Godlike. played by the talented downey junior or better known as ironman, his performance deserves applauds from all around the world. he portrayed holmes to me as how i would i thought of it.
modernized to fit a new audience. and a one man csi team. holmes and downey junior captured the heart of the audience almost immediately.

the other cast were great as well, a great integrity among the crew.jude law was good as watson too i must say . one last word i would say bout tis movie is stylish.

onli one point that i would fuzz about was the case itself. i was not sucked into the mystery but i just found myself waiting for a witty comment by holmes or some remarkable conclusion by his words. the mystery itself when revealed was too linear.but it was probably for the general audiences.

one thing for, now many kids will once again know sherlock holmes

and a sequeal should be out soon enuf.

3.5/5 as well

two good movies in one day ~its gonna be a good year ^^


Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 ei? a 2009 short plug

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as the year ended and tis will be my 1st post of the year.

i would to wish every one a happy new year and may all ur resolutions come true. :P

well, 2009 was eventful me

i think i just gonna say out wat ever i think

started the year nicely, had CNY, and the semester was kinda smooth sailing, den i got dumped, long story short, i wasnt good enough.

same story every single time, i always screw up.

its not a matter of being negative, i m destined that way,but i m determined to break it, i found a new gf, one who loves me, and one who i love , someone special and caring, u noe who u THM.and after that it was a great last part of the year, winning tourneys and competitions, havin a bunch of friends that stick to me. great group mates and class mates and course mates who are always patient and nice to me. great to have met all of them.

never regretted coming to kampar.

and now for the things i found out , not just recently but throught out my life.

i have great friends, i always had the luck of meeting nice peoples, kindergarten to primary to secondary and to uni. i hav oni a few nasty ones, but all in all it was a pleasure meeting and knowing all.,i realized i m vy lucky. thank u! cause i noe i hav bad habits, which i do not know to describe but deep down i know it wasnt nice. i learnt sometimes i don belong in some places anymore, sense of belonging is something we created but yet we must preserved, as time goes by, i find myself slowly fading from the mainstream, without knowing, i wrapped my self in a bubble that i couldnt pop. exaggerating? no la, its just a feeling one gets when he feels that he has nothing in an area could hav been so many things, how the eyes look unto me, how it scans through my deepest heart, how i talk and how they talk to me, the feeling that there is a gap,certain things that i m not involved in anymore. i mean i m still part of it, but yet there is feeling, slight annoying feeling, that i m not, completely existent nor influential anymore.

its probably my rantings, from some where in my heart. i looked at the mirror and saw a certain blankness in my very eyes. how creepy that feeling was.

but yet, it was partially my choice to disappear, yet i missed that sense of belonging which i would most probably onli yearn for it to be back. its been like this 4 years .Would i ever be back anymore? i hav yet not now

so happy new year again all.!

good nights


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