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Friday, December 31, 2010


i fell asleep just now, i had a dream.

it was kinda fuzzy, i recalled it being my secondary days.
we were just chilling, and den it kinda moved on to me sitting on a lazy chair
staring up at the ceiling. and then i woke up, in the darkness of the room, and half asleep
i went on a mind trip based on my thoughts, i imagined life , so real.

and den i broke out of that state of trance.
its the last day of the year, even though i felt no significant changes .
but something inside me changed. i feel like i m never doing enuf.
i gotta find out what is stopping me from doing things my heart desire

enuf of new year onli wish is for a smoother future for the people around me and of course


Thursday, December 30, 2010

As the year ends

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its always kinda hard to put ur feelings into words

most of the feelings i had throughout the year are far too great to be typed out. but i will try

some passions were gone, some new ones were ignited.

finding wat u want for ur future kinda feels good, but yet the journey to it would definitely be a painful wan.

22 years living, with so many ups and down, i think tis would be the year to finaly let them all go. its time to store them away. no matter wat painful memories or hurtful events that had happened before this. its time to let them all fly.

i learned so much this year, and tis time i m taking every chance i get at living.

i was always too scared to be carefree, thought my spirit is carefree, my body is always chained to the responsibilities i have at being the eldest of the family with oni my aging mother and a brother who is still immature to understand whats it like to shoulder the amount of responsibilities i need to take care of. thats why i like to cherish the little time of solitude i have at night. staring at the ceiling till i fall asleep

2011 would be the year i graduate. and the time i make it or break it. 2 nd chances don come too often, so i m all in for the first one. i have to help my mom out with the family, as we are just barely making it. its kinda hard sometimes. with all the temptation around.

my friend told me tis

" ei ben, everyone else u noe has a car already la. get one la."

i dunno whether he meant it as a joke o not. but it hurt. it really did.

its not like i don wan to get one. i would love to pick my gf up for a lunch , or going to parties , or even just drive out and chill at night. but i don have the privileges of those things.

well, since 2010 is gone soon. i might as well say bye

ciao 2010


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Comic Fiesta 2010


Comic Fiesta began as a two-day event in celebration of the ACG culture. We wanted to bring together the Malaysian ACG (Anime, Comics & Games) community, so that fans will be able to get together, interact and help expand the creative pool of the community. At the time, the ACG culture was just beginning to take root in Malaysia, and Comic Fiesta was one of the rare conventions where fans and public alike could come together and celebrate its creative diversity.
From our humble beginnings at the Selangor Chinese Assembly hall, Comic Fiesta has now become the go-to source for the best and the most innovative ideas in the local ACG community. From just a few hundred visitors in a small community hall in Kuala Lumpur, we have grown by leaps and bounds, with the pulling power to attract almost 8,000 visitors in our latest iteration of Comic Fiesta held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. We have become the premier ACG event in Malaysia, and we will only grow bigger and bolder in the times to come.
We are made up of volunteers through and through, coming together to create an avenue where local talents in comics, animation and cosplay can come together, interact and come up with new and exciting ideas to push the creative development industry in Malaysia forward.
This is Comic Fiesta.
By fans, for fans.
so yes i went to this comic fiesta , being an anime/manga/japan fan, its a must actually, these events are a place for people of these interest to gather around and know each other, much through suiting up to their favourite characters of an anime or such, here is a little fact about cosplay

Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure?), short for "costume play",[1] is a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Characters are often[citation needed] drawn from popular fiction in Japan. Favorite sources include mangaanimetokusatsu,comic booksgraphic novelsvideo gameshentai and fantasy movies. Any entity from the real or virtual world that lends itself to dramatic interpretation may be taken up as a subject. Inanimate objects are given anthropomorphic forms and it is not unusual to see genders switched, with women playing male roles and vice versa.
Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture centered around role play. A broader use of the term cosplay applies it to any costumed role play in venues apart from the stage, regardless of the cultural context.
(taken from wiki XD)

so below are pictures of the event , much to my awe, it was awesome !

mind you, these people are mostly people just like us, its something they love to do, and their good at it, some are accountants, programmers, businessmen and every other person u can think of, and they do it because they love it^^


Saturday, December 11, 2010

what if

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Need an upgrade, wo cuo le~

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i think i m still not doin a good job. i so sorry.

i promise to take it up a notch.

forgive me pls.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

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MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph

goals in life

was talking to a friend yesterday, he failed three subjects on his first semester he was doin business management, so i asked him why he took that subject and he gave me the answer that many would answer nowadays

"cause i didnt noe wat else to study"

i think malaysia screwed up our youths nowadays.the education recognition standard is all based on academic results, and it was there for so long , heck even i was a part tis stupid system and now my brother is too, i think i say for all when i say we are fighting a losing battle against the so called ministry of education. i m not going into a political issue here now. i m just saying we really need to help our juniors to settle their life properly, i was the same as them last time as well. clueless of wat to do. but i knew going into uni meant oni one thing.

the oppurtunity to choose wat i wanted to do and do it.

so i think 50% of the students didnt see that as an oppurtunity. if u like wat ure doin den go ahead,

hui min is doin biotech and i m supporting her all the way" u go girl"

bernard graduated his engineering thing "good for him"

teing and hwey did their mass comm thing in aussie and came back "good job guys"

brian finished his stuff and now is doin some estate thing and oso got a PR in australia " nice kan?"

Pei chuen and wayne are happily togethere and studying nicely over at australia as well "happy for u guys since form 3 ^^"

Joshua is doin fine with his degree in business and we will be graduating at the same time.

tony is currently and probably the head of wat ever department he is in" he is multitasking " working near his home.with a famous little name in the twitspaces and bloggersphere

and i m totally awesome in my advertising degree.

the whole truth is if ure gonna study might as well give it a good long thought of wat u wan do later on in life.

"when u think about your future in life, don think of getting a job only, consider it as a career cause thats wat its called when u think of the future . a job and career is different. think about it."

people need to start realizing that the degree is just apiece of paper and it onli goes as far as getting u that interview. Its during that interview is where ur company sees ur worth and let me tell u this , whether ure hired or not doesnt rely on what godly results u got during ur whole academic life . its based on one simple word.

A- Attitude
-the passion and commitment that u have is what companies are looking, u can be a the pro in that field but if u gots the attitude problem then u wont be able to work 100% and no one would see u as 100%

-the techniques that u come along with, if its accountants it could be ur ability to use the ledger perfectly, or an art director is his or her photoshop or illustrator skills. all which is able to be polished when ure working

-with google nowadays its easier to get knowledge den to find food, seriously but its always good to have knowledge not just in ur field but in other sectors as well

but if u take a closer look at A.S.K. , skills and knowledge would not be around if u didnt have the right attitude, for example if ure a lazy bum, or not passion driven at all the chances are is that u wont be able to polish ur skills in ur respective fields perfectly and u wont be looking out for more knowledge as well.

so attitude is always important.

now,would u be colleagues with
a) a passionate and hardworking cheerful co-worker who might not be good at some programs or system but is always trying vy hard to learn and master anything that is thrown at him
b) someone who is consider pro in the related sector but doesnt work well with people because he/she is always complaining about managements and that everyone else is incompetant compared to him eventhough he gets the job done same as the colleague A

easy to choose right? two different attitudes. which would would u have.

so even though u might be graduating soon, or deciding a course its still not too later to find something that u think is worthwhile doin, if ure still thinking that u cant find it. den chances are is that ure in the wrong circle of friends .not asking u to leave ur friends la. just saying find something else to do, meet more different people and try to engage in wat they are doin and see if it lights u up. ^^


Thursday, December 2, 2010

you feel what u wan yourself to feel.


"when i was studying at Puay Chai, i thought secondary school will be better; when i was studying at Abdul Samad, i thought college will be better; The fact is: Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman is the worst education institute i have experienced so far!"

the above statement was quoted by some one who was not very close to me, it was his facebook statement.

it pissed me off really, and that mood woke me when i just went for a midnight loo.

sometimes u gotta wonder why, this guy went to the same primary secondary and tertiary education as i did and yet i love every bit and parts of it, but to him its like total bull shit. 

school sucked for him from primary till now, i gotta wonder why is he still studying?

here is my primary photo, if u can spot let me know. ^^ , primary school for me was chubby, lol i was always eating and talking, the infamous"chi ca gong" of the school in fact, i was always called in by the teacher and mom always come school wan. kena screwed to the max , got punishment and caning still didnt change much but i still miss it, i love my days then. my friends, my teachers who caned me and scolded me, i still miss them , i miss those days ^^ fond memories.

the great secondary days, this is a picture of our class back in 2005, 5Bakti, it was a candid shot for the school magazine and it feel really warm, back then i was a rascal, a bloody celaka punyer budak, always skipping classes to play basketball and stuff ^^ , i had the greatest bunch of friends back den, still are my best buds now. we studied, played and eat together most of the time. not the whole class but the few that people nowadays would still noe we are still close. awesome days.

and now comes my Uni life, probably the biggest step in my life was to take advertising as my major, when i took it seem fun and not as boring as others, den as time pass by, i realize it was the coolest most awesome thing for me ever, this is the picture for our graduation album and this is my class. I met diff people here whom i trust and care dearly, best buds who are always here for that lonely yum cha nights. it was when i became truly awesome, and now i m ready for the awesome industry that i m going to take on.Mind u i was in kampar the whole time i love the times i have spent here till the length that i feel like i m a part of it.

You see, i went through my education system levels with cheerful happy memories, i messed up a lot. i got called to the principal when i was 8, i screwed up my SPM with only one A, i didnt get into a local Universiti after form 6. I didnt do so well in one or two subjects for my Uni, but the thing is i made a good life out of it by taking the tough times i have into a great experience and enjoy time, i have come to the time which i could laugh at all the unpleasant things that happen before . and the most important thing of it , is to stop whining bout incomplete systems, lousy managements, or other things in life and start to make the best of it.

i think we are all responsible for how we see our lives and how we become, and if u still wanna whine and complain al the time, have it your way ^^

and also i miss hui min =(


Thursday, November 18, 2010

epicness is at foot

from here on out. would be my legacy, as a youth , as a copywriter , as a human that would make a change in his own epic way. awesomeness


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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its drizzling raindrops outside that cold and dark sky.

every drops crashes on to the earth like a knife stabbing thru me.

i find it most amusing for me to be smirking as i write tis yet another post.

this time, i feel like rain.

i evaporated into the clouds far above the tainted earth, as i reach the top i m joined together to form a great white cloud. cloud 9, a sense of fulfillment and excitement as i m rushed with great passion, but then a sound of thunder heard cackling through the other clouds. i look at myself turning dark, from my toes to my hair, and den my hair flew straight up, its as if i was..........falling ..

i could see the blue sky no more,a grey blur in front of me as the wind gushed into my face and my jaw dropped mouth. and in an instant. i was back here, back to earth. in a puddle of street mud.



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status:in massive debt.

solution:still in the process of development

possible option: death

i wanna do so many things, but yet i couldn't, its not all about the money, even if i did have it , i still wouldn't be able to do the things i wanna do. the reason to that question of why is pretty simple

i m chained to myself.Chained to hard cold earth.I literally dug a hole so deep to the core of the earth and chained my self in it. closed in darkness and in shame.

what am i to do about it? is there always a solution to the things i have encountered? to the problems i m facing?
would there be anyone to help? would someone save me?

would i even try to save myself?

is my life worth saving?

would i not be tainted with sins i have done?



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passion is not shared by others, it is for you and your heart only, not one person in the world would have the same passion as you, only similar but never one is identical

being passionate about something goes a long long way.

if ur passion is fishing, some people who share the same passion with you might not join you in fishing for giant sharks at the northpole., it just goes to show not one guy in the world is gonna like the hobbies u like the same way/

like a swaying tree

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Like a swaying tree
strong and sturdy, it sweeps from left to right
the leaves drops and soon new ones come

Like a swaying tree
standing alone, the eyes of the hawk watches
a dark hole in its trunk

Like a swaying tree
the pecking of young-lings within that hole
swap pop crackle and chirp

Like a swaying tree
soon to die, yet standing tall
it drops yet another broken branch

Like a swaying tree
no one cares, no one listens
its drying, yet there is no water

Like a swaying tree
full of worms, and all sorts of bugs
stay away from that tree, its beyond help-mommy says

Like a swaying tree
leaves fall and branches break.
soon it is but onli a trunk. not a tree. but a thick wood on the ground


Saturday, November 13, 2010

a daily hassle, goes wrong

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u sat there eyes watery and yawning, facts after facts pouring into brain.
Its so repetitive it makes u wanna scream
u sweat you know u have to go on, u need learn from it all.

A class room full of eager students waiting to see what they have coming to them
but a sense of disappointment showers you.
u sweat. its sticky, ur hearts beat fast. we dunno what to do.

questions were blasted here and there, remarks that hurt and some that pains
an urge to give up rises, u suck it in
u sweat, it starts to get humid and then its over.

getting dirty and smelly after a long day at work? sports? classes?
den remove those sweat and stress away .
secret garden body wash well give u the relaxing scent u need to welcome u home.

"A smell that says welcome back "

today was eventful and grueling. but its all good. we manage to survive and i think most of us undergone a certain chg. so keep up the work guys ^^


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scott Pilgrimm Vs the World. yes i loved it

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Movie in a glimpse
Scott Pilgrimm(micheal cera) part time bassist for his band aiming big “sex-bob-omb, dating a girl 5 years his junior and being seemingly lost finds himself in a world of endless crazy fights for a girl whom he met in his dreams. And now he must defeat her 7 evil exes to have the rights to be with her.  

A day full of events. (Yellue!)

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Moving on to our next campaign, the Yellue! campaign. a mixture of the colours yellow and blue makes up the word Yellue and the colour green. easy to understand right. somewhat catchy as well.

BAsd on the concept of sharing and experiencing environmental friendly activities. the yellue! campaigns brings in a more active feel towards the green fighter approach , ranging from the recycled costume designs, to the Yellue treasure hunt and even video and blogging competition as well.

Kick started at 9am. the event rocked on for 3 and a half hours with performances by our very own Utar band Bani and friends alongside with various video presentations and prize giving ceremony.

The event was able to generate a healthy awareness and implemented a social responsibility mind set into the students of Utar kampar as well as its managements.


A day full of events. (The Flame)

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Its wednesday , and it was the launching of two Student campaigns The flame and Yellue! campaign.

The Flame focuses on youth activity lifestyles and health

Among the things that were organized during The Flame campaign was paintball, giant board games , various health talks and health checks, much to the delight of the students. Everyone was pretty interested with the activities provided especially the health check areas.

The event was organized by final year pr students as part of their 40% assignments.The flame focused on giving youth an active guide to a healthy lifestyle, the talks were received with much praised as they were educational and the health checks drew much interest from students all around campus

*below are some pics i took of the event. i couldnt line them up properly so u have to bare with the blank spaces*


Thursday, October 28, 2010

yell it out! yellue, spread the green idea!

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There are many things that we hear around us that can save the earth.

  1. Clean or replace air filters on your air conditioning unit at least once a month.
  2. If you have central air conditioning, do not close vents in unused rooms.
  3. Lower the thermostat on your water heater to 120.
  4. Wrap your water heater in an insulated blanket.
  5. Turn down or shut off your water heater when you will be away for extended periods.
  6. Turn off unneeded lights even when leaving a room for a short time.
  7. Set your refrigerator temperature at 36 to 38 and your freezer at 0 to 5 .
  8. When using an oven, minimize door opening while it is in use; it reduces oven temperature by 25 to 30 every time you open the door.
  9. Clean the lint filter in your dryer after every load so that it uses less energy.
  10. Unplug seldom used appliances.
  11. Use a microwave when- ever you can instead of a conventional oven or stove.
  12. Wash clothes with warm or cold water instead of hot.
  13. Reverse your indoor ceiling fans for summer and winter operations as recommended.
  14. Turn off lights, computers and other appliances when not in use.
  15. Purchase appliances and office equipment with the Energy Star Label; old refridgerators, for example, use up to 50 more electricity than newer models.
  16. Only use electric appliances when you need them.
  17. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs to save money and energy.
  18. Keep your thermostat at 68 in winter and 78 in summer.
  19. Keep your thermostat higher in summer and lower in winter when you are away
  20. Insulate your home as best as you can.
  21. Install weather stripping around all doors and windows.
  22. Shut off electrical equipment in the evening when you leave work.
  23. Plant trees to shade your home.
  24. Shade outside air conditioning units by trees or other means.
  25. Replace old windows with energy efficient ones.
  26. Use cold water instead of warm or hot water when possible.
  27. Connect your outdoor lights to a timer.
  28. Buy green electricity - electricity produced by low - or even zero-pollution facilities (NC Greenpower for North Carolina - In your home-reduce toxicity.
  29. Eliminate mercury from your home by purchasing items without mercury, and dispose of items containing mercury at an appropriate drop-off facility when necessary (e.g. old thermometers).
  30. Learn about alternatives to household cleaning items that do not use hazardous chemicals.
  31. Buy the right amount of paint for the job.
  32. Review labels of household cleaners you use. Consider alternatives like baking soda, scouring pads, water or a little more elbow grease.
  33. When no good alternatives exist to a toxic item, find the least amount required for an effective, sanitary result.
  34. If you have an older home, have paint in your home tested for lead. If you have lead-based paint, cover it with wall paper or other material instead of sanding it or burning it off.
  35. Use traps instead of rat and mouse poisons and insect killers.
  36. Have your home tested for radon.
  37. Use cedar chips or aromatic herbs instead of mothballs. 
  38. Avoid using leaf blowers and other dust-producing equipment.
  39. Use an electric lawn- mower instead of a gas-powered one.
  40. Leave grass clippings on the yard-they decompose and return nutrients to the soil.
  41. Use recycled wood chips as mulch to keep weeds down, retain moisture and prevent erosion.
  42. Use only the required amount of fertilizer.
  43. Minimize pesticide use.
  44. Create a wildlife habitat in your yard.
  45. Water grass early in the morning.
  46. Rent or borrow items like ladders, chain saws, party decorations and others that are seldom used.
  47. Take actions that use non hazardous components (e.g., to ward off pests, plant marigolds in a garden instead of using pesticide).
  48. Put leaves in a compost heap instead of burning them or throwing them away. Yard debris too large for your compost bin should be taken to a yard-debris recycler. 
you are probably thinking "its so tedious! so many things that we cant do. but i still wanna help. can anyone change my mind set?"

well, i m gonna give one suggestion, come to the YELLUE! campaign !

the YELLUE! campaign, by the UTAR Public Relation students! its got all the great activities that will make u wanna do and make more effort to save the environment in your very own capacity. so why not take a relaxing road trip to UTAR kampar and join the fun and excitements, thousands of youth will be joining you in a quest for world greening. competitions and talks will be happening all around campus. come on in, join the fun. and of course bring those future fight for green friends of yours with you.

The Yellue campaign wishes to spread the love for a greener earth to students and people all around, believing that one spreading to another will make the ultimate result of a cooler and cleaner earth.

The Yellue name comes from the word yellow and blue which makes the word green, just as how the plants and the life on this planet combine to let us live in harmony.]

some of the activities include the great Yellue! hunt. creative video competition and also the blogging event, these are all efforts to expand the idea of greening the earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are all in a battle to save the earth, and now you have a chance to join a team that is dedicated to doin their part and helping you do yours. so why not bring your comrads and join in the coolest most happening greening event brought to you by the students, for the earth ^^

the event will be launched on-

10 November 2010, Wednesday at 10a.m at the Block C utar Kampar Campus

for more infomation, visit Yellue! on its facebook page

see u guys there ^^! taipau!

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