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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

~interdimensional instability man girl shrieking~

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with the new installment of the left 4 dead range, left 4 dead 2 , i of course would go and try it out , not being a fan of the first game, i found the second one much more entertaining with he addition of the magnum pistol and melee weopens, it practically makes the survivors even more lethal den the zombies, well at least to me that is.

here is the normal version to play the game, kill the zombies, kill some special infected if they are IN FRONT OF U, don piss the witch off, run away from the tanker, never shoot the cars with alarms and run to the safe houses

here is my version of the game,
find evry single zombie and blast their head of point blank if possible
when u here a special infected, kill it, nv leave it behind, make a u turn to get him if u hav to
when u see the witch, just shoot it, if u cant see her, find her, that crying is blardy annoying
when a tanker comes, run at it like its a pinata with money inside, melee weopens of course, and start bashing it.
and stand at the safe house and shoot anything that moves.

the witch bitch, haha , main target for any survivor although ure suppose to avoid her

u know when u play games at the cyber cafes, its quite fun, with the noisy atmosphere and stuff.
i mean in dota , u will here" hey stun !" or "b b b !" it sounds cool, according to my bro.
and den when u play l4d , u got ur guys SHOUTING orders' like " hey theres a smoker behind"
"get the hunter first" "watch out for that charger"
but den recently, with the problem that the game is too damn easy to familiarize with, u get the screaming lil man girls playing the game, when the girls scream is kinda funny ,i mean, its normal.
when these man girls do it, well~~~

just imagine high pitch screams from a guy, " help me, help me" , oh shit i got no bullets, OMG its eating me, hey come back, hei don leave me behind.

AHHHHH! those things are fugly! ewwwww! *barbie doll voice"

ure in a cyber cafe bro, all respect for u is gone once u hit the first wondow shattering tone man.


oh well, as for l4d 2, give it a try, its cool


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said... version is same with urs.
Cars with alarm,MUST ter-SHOOT..

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