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Sunday, December 13, 2009

food special! the dong po meat at kampar old town,东坡肉


Dongpo Meat is a well-known dish in East China's Zhejiang Province. It is named after Su Dongpo, a literary giant who lived about 900 years ago. The story is that when he was the prefectural governor of Hang Zhou, he had a dam built across the West Lake. The lake was dredged and became a rich source of irrigation for the farmland, thus making it possible for the local people to have a bumper harvest each year.

When many folks went to SuDongpo's home to wish him Happy New Year. They took along pork and wine to show their thanks. Dongpo cooked the meat in a special way and sent to people to enjoy it. The local people greatly praised Dongpo for his good work on the dam and named the dish Dongpo Meat.

Dongpo Meat is as soft as fresh bean curd. Velvety but never oily, oozing from every bite the perfect match of the distinctive fragrance of Shaoxing wine and the sweetness of meat.Today, Dongpo Meat ranked on the top of the list of dishes. When people hold a feast, Dongpo Meat is still often featured.

Kampar old town's dongpo meat offers just about the same taste as it describes, HECK its even better, everyone should try it, its simply mouth pleasuring. lol the taste is so refine that it makes the fat of the pork taste just like meat. if u are ever coming to kampar. let me know. i will bring u there, cause if u nv taste tis in life, den u nv tasted life. haha. serious good shit!

price: rm 5.60 per person

served in a claypot and sauce accompanied with rice

rating: 6 out 5 (broken limit)

come again rate: OF COURSE



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