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Saturday, December 26, 2009

could u?

could u see me , when i waving across the streets
could u wait just a little bit
could u STOP and help a lady cross the road
before u go get urself a drink

can u see the boy crying
can u see the baby dying
can u look around u
and dare tell me there is nothing wrong in tis world

do u think u can change the world
do u think life goes on rotting
do u not care
do u just bare

typing tis out in a dark dark room
i see the glowing moon
outside in the midnight black
yes, the glowing moon

come to think of it,
the sun gives life
when its already bright
den the moon does wat

yes, the moon shines brightest at night
the moon is the beacon of hope
for many adrift
guide them back like a sailing ship and the light house

rapes and fights
gangs and snatches
robberies and thievery
wars and deaths

peace are u there?
there is "lie" in believe
there is "over" in lover
but wait! there is NO war or death or even kill in PEACE

the rantings of stupid blogger
who is always a bugger
has the right heart to feel the world
but not the right stuff to heal the world

darken spirits
blacken hearts
chacoaled souls
pitch black minds

~taipau~ a gloomy post~


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