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Friday, December 25, 2009

clubs and smokes

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Clubbing, the hit culture of malaysia.

i don see the importance of it, i don see the significance of it, why does it have to be must do things.
i hear my classmates and coursemates saying things that i have heard so long ago

"exam finish!, jom clubbing,woo hoo"

"wat else to do, lets go clubbing man"

" go clubbing pick up chicks come!"

these are the guys, and when u finish exam, u don hav stress, therefore u don go clubbing to blow off steam. having nothing to do at the moment doesnt give u a straight detour to clubbing, and club chicks arent gonna be picked up by u mostly they just go to dance stewpid~

for the girls

" hei girls let go dance it off, its just so nice"

"i like the music they play , yippee"

" i need sex right now, time to pick a guy at the club"

now, girls if u wan dance it off, i noe the club is a good place. but why not get together at a sleepover, i m sure ur parents wont mind some loud noises if they were to choose u goin to a club and u making freaking huge noises in their house. the music they play is available at youtube, kuwo applications, and any google related searches. third one , guys!
YOU WISH!. it onli happens when the girl is drunk to faint. it doesnt happen in real life man.



(if u find that tis post is anyway offending u, i m sry, let me know if i m DAT wrong.)

call me an old outdated retarded fool if u wan. tq

1 comment :

juliEn said...

nop. to me clubs are just too lifeless. it may seemed to be something proud for spoilt rich asses, but not for me. :D dai kor n dai jie, go drink n smoke n dance n fuck everynite oni when u r able to earn la. i bet u will be crying by that time~ lmao! btw,nice post, benji. xD

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