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Friday, December 11, 2009

boom boom panic atk! finals again.

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sien la!, it the finals again, and here i m , ignorant and clueless again, everyone is panicking, even people who don study are studying.

come to think of it, i nv had much of a red alert crisis for exams, i mean, i noe i m dead, but some part of me still hopes that 1 day, results don matter, but sadly i live here, a place where there is a huge gap between the A's and the A-'s, like really, one small dot and u lose.

inflations are coming, the end of the world is prophesized(a movie was made out of it too-well one thing good about a movie titled <2012>u noe they cant make a sequel to it), vampires glitter in the sun, werewolves are gay, my 1 tb is losing space and den we worry about finals!. well as they say life goes on. u cant help but see these signs everywhere when the finals are here, specially u are staying near campus at a students residential area.

den people get all emo-fied and start bitch slapping each other, times of war i have to say, there aint a place for some noob like me wandering around carefree and happy faced. this study zombie will eat ur brains out and u aint got no katana with u.

but why panic!

u noe what u already noe, and wat u dunno HEI! why bother, if u are gonna cramp for the last few days, don be a grouchy douche bag or a bloody emo bitch alright? i met a few in my life, now i avoid them at these times.

i hate it when people try to get all serious and rowdy even though their not like dat to begin with, wtf man, take a chill pill (lame alert)

its ok if u wanna score high grades, but just remember, being an asshole while doin it is just wrong, its like spitting out banana seeds.


choose between

1. dont panic-relax, keep ur friends, and work it through cooly and actually remember wat u study after the exams
2. panic - lose ur friends, cramp 4 days and four nights, lose ur hair, cary gucci's under ur eyes, pissed everyone off, and power through and den forget that it even happened.

if u asked me , i would rather have sweet memories and a good nights dream ^^

*gay smiles*
Good luck for ur exams people, if any of u Utarians actually read tis"


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