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Friday, November 27, 2009

noob ipoh trip.

Black , Hui Min and i woke up 7 am, we planned to take the 8 am bus to ipoh

motive: watch 2012.

hopes: to get any left over tickets for the movie 2012

found out: apparently "TGV" yes the all great tanjung Golden rambutan village sold out its tickets 2 days ago.
so wtf is that. is that even allowed. so can i purchase 2011's transformer movie now?

they sold out ALL the tickets for their 12 viewings today,mind u! i was one of the first in line that day. there arent even reserve seats for those who personally come on that day? seriously! what a bout customer services? crap ass village.

so we ended up doin some walk around kinta city jusco, had a slice of new york cheese from secret recipe. (to whom that will flame my new york cheese experience i know u will ) then we went shoe shopping with hui min. got a pair for her. den she got her self a cool looking waist belt tingy.

walk some more . and went mph and popular for a look around.

this book is quite neat, would have gotten if i had cash.

and the malay version of the gay twilight saga.

about twilight, i realize it was a bit gay from the first movie. and upon reading the whole saga. i felt a bit sick over mushy teenage girl crap.

i thought it wont be gay at first. until i saw tis.

edward= shining gay vampire. " look at me bella, i potray gayness, how i can let them see me like this" with shimmering gay awesometastic beauty.

and now. they got the gay wolf pack with their all mighty gay packs.. the picture explains it self completely.

ok back to the trip.
after a while more of talking and walking and sitting to talk and resting while talking.

calvin and his bro came and gave us a ride to medan gopeng mickeyD's and we ate our lunch there.

note to all readers: the mcD prosperity burger is out for purchase,unfortunately it sucks big time now.

den it poured cats and dogs outside. so we decided to chill a while more, when the rain subsided, we chao-ed back kampar. and here i m writing the longest blog i have since a long time.

the trip wasnt disappointing at all. coolios to huimin who got her stuff , love ya babes.



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