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Monday, November 2, 2009

i didnt wanna post tis, but i had to

bloody week i have been havin in kampar, its not kampar's fault.

Death came from around, a mystifying cloud of despair over shrouding its students.

3 accidents

in which all 3 had 3 deaths,

waterfall - link 1 link2

All in one week, and the last , the waterfall of my ball mates, was the victim. i didnt noe him for long, hardly even talk, but we played on the court. When it hits u, u wont be seeing him anymore, because he couldnt come anymore. Den the air of despair sweeps in too. i tossed and turned last night. i couldnt sleep. even some one that i barely knew could affect me like tis, what happens if its some one closer.

i couldnt help but say love life. and love the life around u. sometimes paying more attention to ur friends could save their lives. no one is to blame. but caring for one another is the way.

i believe we are all connected through bonds of friendship and experience .me to u and him, u and him to he and she, he and she to them and to all of them. me to my lecturer, my lecturer through his students , his students back to me , me to my friends from his students.

even if it sounds corny.

"hold that bond and preserve it well, there is no point in argueing over something that is rotten, but there is hope in fixing something that is broken,do not trample on ur friends weaknesses and irritating habits or attitude, fix it let them noe how they should be,because losing one friend hits u harder den u losing a 100 thousand ringgit."

R I P friends~

"we will live on with u in our hearts"



Adrian said...

Bro... Haiz... Had the same thoughts like you ah... Really whole night can't sleep... I remember the day before the incident he was still playing ball with us, then the next day he's suddenly gone... Haiz... Really sad...

Unknown said...

if i knew those people as much as you knew them, i know that i won't really feel that sad but i will feel guilty for that. however, i don't know how you're feeling though. my condolences.

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