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Friday, November 27, 2009

noob ipoh trip.

Black , Hui Min and i woke up 7 am, we planned to take the 8 am bus to ipoh

motive: watch 2012.

hopes: to get any left over tickets for the movie 2012

found out: apparently "TGV" yes the all great tanjung Golden rambutan village sold out its tickets 2 days ago.
so wtf is that. is that even allowed. so can i purchase 2011's transformer movie now?

they sold out ALL the tickets for their 12 viewings today,mind u! i was one of the first in line that day. there arent even reserve seats for those who personally come on that day? seriously! what a bout customer services? crap ass village.

so we ended up doin some walk around kinta city jusco, had a slice of new york cheese from secret recipe. (to whom that will flame my new york cheese experience i know u will ) then we went shoe shopping with hui min. got a pair for her. den she got her self a cool looking waist belt tingy.

walk some more . and went mph and popular for a look around.

this book is quite neat, would have gotten if i had cash.

and the malay version of the gay twilight saga.

about twilight, i realize it was a bit gay from the first movie. and upon reading the whole saga. i felt a bit sick over mushy teenage girl crap.

i thought it wont be gay at first. until i saw tis.

edward= shining gay vampire. " look at me bella, i potray gayness, how i can let them see me like this" with shimmering gay awesometastic beauty.

and now. they got the gay wolf pack with their all mighty gay packs.. the picture explains it self completely.

ok back to the trip.
after a while more of talking and walking and sitting to talk and resting while talking.

calvin and his bro came and gave us a ride to medan gopeng mickeyD's and we ate our lunch there.

note to all readers: the mcD prosperity burger is out for purchase,unfortunately it sucks big time now.

den it poured cats and dogs outside. so we decided to chill a while more, when the rain subsided, we chao-ed back kampar. and here i m writing the longest blog i have since a long time.

the trip wasnt disappointing at all. coolios to huimin who got her stuff , love ya babes.



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. damn it. now i lost my best sites for torrents

i come back from ipoh and tis is wat happens?

sigh. RIP.


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Monday, November 16, 2009

short sem.

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short sem week 5. 2 more weeks and its all over for tis sem. three subjects each with 3 credit hour. 9 credit hour x 2. 18 credit hour a week over 7 weeks.

boring shit. i wish there was something to do that is fun and worth while as i m typing tis. cause i dunno what am i to say here. its been sometime since i updated tis blog.

templates were changed a few times. i think i m sticking with tis.

sigh. i always see life as simple and easy. i wish it WAS, its not

soon i will be working my ass off. no more fooling around? i hope i still can.

times i m havin studying. will be gone soon.

bye bye to bumming around

bye bye to procrastinating assignments

bye bye basketball evry evening

bye bye enjoyable days just lying around

bye bye goin out to makan or yum cha when u feel like it

but for now. i guess i will just make the best of it. =)

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching"


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

stomach cramp!

Holy spirit

if u get the joke. den u noe why i cracked up.

Monday, November 9, 2009

pro rape ?

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University students' 'pro-rape' page on Facebook
November 8, 2009

A group of past and present University of Sydney students set up a ''pro-rape'' page in the sports and recreation section on Facebook, describing themselves as ''anti-consent''.

The students, mostly from an elite, all-male college, initially ensured the ''Define Statutory'' group had an open and public profile, and proudly displayed their membership on their personal Facebook pages.

The commander of the NSW Police sex crimes unit and the head of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre condemned the site, describing it as ''grooming perpetrators of sexual violence''.

The Facebook page, which has since shut down but ran from August until late last month, was part of a broader culture at the university's residential colleges that demeans women in a sexist and often sexually violent way, experts say.

Several young women, also past and present residential college students, say they have experienced sexual assault and attempted assaults on campus. They say the privileged atmosphere of colleges, combined with a culture of binge drinking and few restraints on behaviour, meant most rapes went unreported. Allegations include:

- A woman was raped at a college festival.
- A college resident adviser had to use a master key to enter a room and stop a man from continuing to rape a student.
- Another young woman was raped in her room.
- About 30 drunk, naked men broke into a college and surrounded a young woman, touching and taunting her.

Concerned about binge drinking and the subsequent violence, University of Sydney vice-chancellor Michael Spence convened a meeting of residential college leaders in May.
That meeting resulted in the ''liquor accord'' between the university, colleges and other key players, including local police, although the document fails to mention sexual assault.
'It is a delicate issue as the colleges are very closed communities. It is not the whole of the story about college life, but I do think that it is an issue,'' Dr Spence said.

He condemned the Facebook page, saying it was ''in every way abhorrent and in every way at odds with what we are trying to achieve at the university''.

Reverend Canon Ivan Head, warden of St Paul's College since 1995, said he had no knowledge of the Facebook page before being told, describing it as ''directly contrary to stated college policies'' and acknowledging that ''this could be a site that encourages criminality''.

He said he had received no complaints. ''College officers … endeavour to listen to gender-based conflict or complaint[s] with compassion, insight and the capacity to refer to relevant legal authorities,'' he wrote in a statement.

But the outgoing master of Wesley College, Reverend David Russell, said that in his eight years in the role he had spoken to several female students who felt they had to leave college. ''They say, 'I just don't feel safe,' '' he said.

Source: The Age

well to all my friends whether u are studying locally or overseas. do be careful

for haven sakes, "pro rape?"wtf is dat. its like a tuition group on how to rape, besides its not entirely the groups fault. drinkin and partying from all around the colleges are the real sources.
teenagers just wanna have fun and den suffer. its the onli way u guys THINK u can live ei? (i m not saying all just a certain amount of them)

u will be lucky if u leave college in one piece if u are the partying till the break of dawn type ~

taipau!Fuck rape!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


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we fired yesterdays asshole too!

apparently he was making a worm using our server to destroy astro's satelite.

caught him rainbow handed!

now tis coder is clean.

hope u guys like it.

btw, hwey actually it was a black based template with a simple side bar (yesterdays wan) now i understand wat u meant by padding, something went wrong with the codes again.


Friday, November 6, 2009

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Sunday November 1, 2009

Group wants no dating rule at varsity

A banner has been put up at its Gombak campus to warn the students from dating in the university compound.THE International Islamic University Malaysia has become the first “no dating place” in the country.

The banner is said to be the work of Maaruf Club in conjunction with the Campus Dakwah Project during Ramadan and not an initiative by the university authorities.

one word



Alright. new template

hmmm, looks good right? haha

i think we are hiring tis coder.

phew, chaos avoided again.



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someone screwed up the coding again, until we find a better more stable coder. tis will hav to do.



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wtf does bandwidth exceeded suppose to mean?

Monday, November 2, 2009

i didnt wanna post tis, but i had to

bloody week i have been havin in kampar, its not kampar's fault.

Death came from around, a mystifying cloud of despair over shrouding its students.

3 accidents

in which all 3 had 3 deaths,

waterfall - link 1 link2

All in one week, and the last , the waterfall of my ball mates, was the victim. i didnt noe him for long, hardly even talk, but we played on the court. When it hits u, u wont be seeing him anymore, because he couldnt come anymore. Den the air of despair sweeps in too. i tossed and turned last night. i couldnt sleep. even some one that i barely knew could affect me like tis, what happens if its some one closer.

i couldnt help but say love life. and love the life around u. sometimes paying more attention to ur friends could save their lives. no one is to blame. but caring for one another is the way.

i believe we are all connected through bonds of friendship and experience .me to u and him, u and him to he and she, he and she to them and to all of them. me to my lecturer, my lecturer through his students , his students back to me , me to my friends from his students.

even if it sounds corny.

"hold that bond and preserve it well, there is no point in argueing over something that is rotten, but there is hope in fixing something that is broken,do not trample on ur friends weaknesses and irritating habits or attitude, fix it let them noe how they should be,because losing one friend hits u harder den u losing a 100 thousand ringgit."

R I P friends~

"we will live on with u in our hearts"


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