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Thursday, October 8, 2009

woke up early~and the air is dead

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woke up 9 + today, den leah msged me, so i reply lo. miss her loads. den ask her go back sleep, sorry babe, u need ur beauty sleep.

well, the break up trend is on the move again, i recently witness 5 break ups in the matter of 1 and a half months, all by couples who i thought could last longer den tis

den now another couple havin same problem.

sigh, its up to them to decide how is it la

sometimes its not the guys fault or the girls fault la. wat they do is just a catalyst to how it started.
patience at its limits

these are just some of it, and trust me, 99/100 times, sex HAS NOTHING TO DO WIT IT.
no matter how much u argue, or how much tension there is, it all goes down to how u feel about each other and how u are able to coop with the aftermath of things.
whether u still see him/her the same, or the view has chged.

of course people will always say they need space in between, they still hav their own lives. but a gentle reminder, that space is left unattended is just gonna be bigger and farther. always maintain a limited space in between, set ur boundaries not too far not too near.

well i really hope that couple i mentioned is gonna work things out,sigh.

oh and leah~ see ya later !


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