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Friday, October 9, 2009

what a night!

i learnt 3 important things today,when i went k-ing wit leah to celebrate her friends birthday

1. i understand now why boyfriends seldom go out with his girlfriend's friends .

2.i understand why teenagers and most young adults always complain no money.

3. i understand that why crime rates are higher during night time , and yet people are ignoring it.

i shant explain my reasons for the above mentioned as it is onli my mayb kolot thinking towards the world.


red box is torture and throat slitting

laundry is nothing special and throat slitting

i m probably the dumbest guy leah will ever hav in her whole life.^^



cheahwey said...

your poll's answers dont make sense.
and i vote no header at all. and you could consider widening your main content column.

benjaminvai said...

how to widen ar??? lol

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