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Thursday, October 8, 2009

wat is tis!

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Delivery boy jailed 5mths for stabbing girlfriend with keris


KUALA LUMPUR: A delivery boy was sentenced to five months’ imprisonment by the Magistrates Court here after he was found guilty of stabbing his girlfriend’s abdomen with a keris (traditional Malay short-sword) in a fight that spun out of control.

Magistrate Aizatul Akmal Maharani handed down the ruling on Norazmil Kamarzuman, 26, after finding him guilty of causing hurt to Mastura Omar, 30, using a keris, a weapon capable of causing death, in his home in Bandar Baru Sentul.

He was found guilty of committing the offence at about 1am on Aug 2 this year, a crime under Section 324 of the Penal Code.

The court ordered him to serve his sentence from the date of arrest on Aug 4.

According to the facts of the case, the victim was at her boyfriend’s home at the material time when they started fighting over personal matters.

During the fight, Norazmil was said to have slapped, kicked and punched Mastura’s face, while she begged him to stop.

However, instead of halting his assault on her, he withdrew a keris from his bag and stabbed her in the stomach with it.

Mastura then tried to escape but was prevented from doing so by Norazmil; however, he later rushed her to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital, where he was arrested.

Leading the prosecution was deputy public prosecutor Jamaliah Abdul Manap, while Norazmil was unrepresented.

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