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Thursday, October 8, 2009


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phew, been on hyper mode since i got my internet.~ which practically makes me lame and childish. leave me alone! i just got a new toy bazooka!


well speaking of toys.
which related to be kids

remember those extra classes after school during primary? those that extend till 3.30 or so. did they work for u?

how bout the tuition centres u been to? did they improve u?

well for me , it didnt! not one bit!

u noe wats the problem with edncation these days? yea u got it right! its tuition based! its not even school based anymore.

this is the scenario nowadays,
parents don care what their kids do at school anymore, the things they ask are'when tuition?' remember go tuition'how was tuition?'
its nv hows school now!.

well , now here comes the problem, parents become tuition dependent ,
they get the mindset that if their kids go to tuition, their kids will become godlike.

i mean thats not even the case! even if ur kid actually is good at studying , he isnt goin to go harvard or cambridge just by that u noe.

so many aunties nowadays, instead compare school they compare tuition centre liao.

well here is the maths for how tuition centres advertise their "QUALITY" students.its pretty simple maths.

it takes a group pic of 20 to fit a page to advertise, max oso 30 la.

the centre has an annual intake of 300. .per year from standard 1 which most will stay till standard 6. get 5 from each standard which is smarter den the rests u hav 30 already,and wats better is. u can use the same people again and not many will notice!. simple as dat.

so basicly, u are sending ur kid into a tuition centre wit 300 other kids and hope ur kid is 1 of the 5?????

tuition doesnt equal godlike

it depends on how ur kid deal wit it, and his life.

we are doomed. my cousins are gonna be illiterate in the near future!


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