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Saturday, October 17, 2009

pictures from the sem break specials.

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tis fellas were actually watching some wrestling , look at how they gether at the video shop=)
tesco choice chicken essence anyone? the brands wan is rm 29.90
tis uncle was pwning in puzzle bobble

AND sonic raiden wing 3, wth. lol. he was pwning the game like no bodies business.
sure ori crocs
crocs anyone? 20 a pair, buy two pairs for 30
lots of choices
okonomiyaki!! lol i could eat ten of these. ! and want more. so good!

can i hav the time pls? ^^
traffic jam cloud~ oh the cotton candy figure!
the bus stop tree. standing tall and alone
leather shoes. looks cheap rite? they were on sale 30% off
nice classic look. looks sturdy
but it was rm 249.90, after the 30 % oso rm 180. don wan la!

nice cups
and a glass shelf full of glass.

haha. just some random pics i took at one utama, ikea, ikana, dataran sunway and sunway pyramid.
back in kampar now.evrything seems well

wish leah would arrive soon!

and tis was a good design for a sign board. its a pub, entranze , the chinese letter in the middle means door.

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