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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Movie reviews.!`~

went to sunway wit leah the other day! for the whole day ^^. we watched 3 MOVIES! LoL.
we had a fun fun time. so here is the amature reviews that i always give.

first up! farcry~

adapted from the game of the same name

the story revolves around an island testing Genetically modified soldiers as a government project to produce stronger and more efficient soldiers.

the story is cliche. but i m not gonna spoil it for u

honestly speaking. tis movie is shit.

STRENGTHS : hot actress. (yeap thats it and she isnt even that hot. and she plays crap in this movie)

WEAKNESSES: storyline was cliche, predictable, actions was done in a very ancient manner, special effects shows obvious signs dat this movie was low budgeted like shit.

SOMETHING THAT HELPS THROUGH OUT THE SHOW: try to catch really corny ass lines in the whole movie. i mean , its really corny. like REALY lol corny.

TAIPAU's advice: watch it for some laugh, its an not so actioned packed ,action movie with comical lines. but don watch it in the cinemas la, dvd or download can liao.

next up surrogates

tis movie created a shit load of hype. director of terminator 3 + bruce willis of the diehard franchise? i thought tis could be one hell of a joy ride.

and den. *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*


i was dead wrong.

i mean it feels like i robot,terminator 3 plus a little of die hard 4 added together for a little reunion.and they ARGUED at the reunion. LoL

the story was that in that timeline, surrogates or as the malay subtitles states. PENGANTI, are robotic mechanism that allows u to control through ur thoughts and u get to feel see do wat ever u wan even change ur looks at the comfort of ur own room. no exposure to diseases no danger to urself . den some terrorist like faction decides to screw the robots for freedom of humanity and shit. *no spoilers*

the script writing was a bit pushing it even if i hav no rights to say it. there too many useless twists dat confuses the viewers. makin it unpredictable but ending up just the same as most people would thought.

STRENGTHS; bruce willis might be old, but he still made the movie watchable, special effects was good, the concept of surrogates was ok as well(but they just need a bit something to it)

WEAKNESSES: storyline was a bit of a burden even for me, i find it hard to focus. too fast in fact,expected surrogates to play a bigger role.


Taipau;s advice: straight to DVD people, download is advisable.

FINALLY THE THIRD WAN.500 days of summer.

guess wat? tis show was 100 times better den the first two

a romantic comedy with just one twist, its not a love story.


the story is so fresh, its new to any romantic comedy. its not just ur average boy meet girl stuff. its a boy meet girl , girl and boy and den its still not a love story thing.

funny, sweet and touching as well, a mixture dat seems normal, but brought out by the show and a completely different level.

definitely a must watch, cinema, dvd or even download. i just wan it to be watched. i highly recommend tis.

STRENGTHS: funny,and it brings u along, nv a dull moment, the directing was good, unique( u will noe when u watched it) the actors were lovable and takes a piece of u into them ^^

WEAKNESSES: nothing much i can say here, mayb a bit too short? haha. no disappointment here.i m not being bias

Taipau's advice. must watch!


farcry= 1 star out of 5

surrogate =3 star out of 5

500 days =4and a half star out of 5



Anonymous said...

ei ... how to rate ? haha ... sry ... but i ll rate u 5 ... haha

Unknown said...

lol next week i will finally return to the cinema for inglorious basterds

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