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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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and here is the full wan couldnt upload it cause it cant be embedded

the first post after i got my internet and blog up and running again.

watched tis with my mom and bro today, leah watched it the other day with her friends already, its a pity cause it would have been super awesome watching tis wit her.

well, first said, tis movie is definitely not most of u would hav thought.

like me , i m sure a lot of u would hav thought
"lame,boring,childish and stupid"

well, its definitely not boring or stupid, and lame and childish doesnt even come close. haha THINK!
jerry bruckheimer,producer of popular movies pirates of the carribean , the csi prodigies, natianal treasures and many more.


walt disney, known to many through mickey and friends, cinderella,sleeping beauty, for its wonderful stories


state of the art 3d animation



its funny, catchy,and creative! the colaboration of jerry and disney with 3d has made tis animal to spy espionage movie into a box office wonder. the story is well paced, well written in fact. the lines are really good, some made me LoL-ed in the cinema. my mom was like WTF. haha.

the cast included nicholas cage and bill nighy, not to mention the good but low profiled actor will arnett(well at least in movies he is low profiled) love tis guy from arrested development ^^ thx Ynot for the recommendation!

G force, is a must watch, mayb not in cinema la. but definitely must watch . download if u must. watch it and den spit ur phlegm in my comment box if u don like it!

personally i give tis movie 4.5/5 . base on story,animation ,acting and music!

ten thumbs up!


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