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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

last 3 days till back to kampar ^ ^ -_-

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i dunno wat to say la,

haha. havin a writers block now. i m on this page for like half and hour already. i m just typing as i go along. i cant remember all the things i wanna write liao.

well. my countries been really really fucked up lately, i dunno why, mayb its cause i m starting to pay attention to politics

sometimes it makes me wonder, when i grad. whats it gonna be like.

one passive ability that a lot of malaysians hav is to talk the rojak language. mixing canton malay chinese hokkien english indian and many more in a sentence. it all sounds so sophisticated.

cant help but think that tahts the oni unity we will be seeing or hearing in a while

the ability to curse at the rojak lvl is a added bonus and vy amusing to listen too. kinda like a pop song. haha

here is a synopsis of our language. gotten it from another site which should not be named. ^^

The official and most widely spoken language of Malaysians is Rojak Language, also known as Bahasa Rojak. Rojak language often regarded as the World's 2nd International Language by experts for its diversity and uniqueness by combining various languages. It consists of Malay, Chinese, Tamil, English, Japanese, Spanish,French, Hokkien, Thai, Elven, Orc, Pokemon, Digimon, Mars, Venus, and many more. With that, everyone can communicate without the need to know more than 1 language. This is very useful in foreign nations as messages can be conveyed effectively using only Rojak. Rojak is also the simplest language ever constructed, just follow the following rules.

No Sweat Lah!


  • Add "Lah" in the end of every sentence. Bob your head when doing that.
  • Use "maybe", "can", "dunno" extensively.
  • Each sentence must consist of more than 3 dialects/languages.
  • If you dont know what to do next just say "OK" and nod your head.

Sentence Examples:

  • "I wan eat Coke."
  • "All your base are belong to us lah brother"
  • "Orang tu kawaii lai de"
  • White person:"What is your soup of the day?"Malaysian:OK.

Useful and Common Phrases

  • GoodBye - Aiyah no time talk liao baibai
  • Where's the toilet? - Oi kawan, where jamban?
  • Let's have sex - I wan rape you can ah?
  • Are you a hooker? - Satu malam berapa?
  • Why did you kill my cow? - BODOH! Ay Fookin ke you Lemak!
  • I will have your daughter's hand in marriage. - Tandas! Tandas! Tandas!
  • One Cheeseburger and a large coke - Oi TAUKEH, burger and cola kasi sat

when u think about its really quite true and thats why its funny^^.



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