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Friday, October 30, 2009


evrybody connects check out tis site, everybody connects.

Malaysians,or just us,

Do you hav many friends?

Different races?

Different religion?

being educated in chinese primary and den switching to government secondary was a bit tough at first, it was annoying at maths when 10 thousand in chinese was a hundred thousand. LOL.

WeLL , issues such as racism exists quite long ago, but if u were infant, u are actually being manipulated to be racist, mom always say don go near the indians, they are vy ganas, or don be a malay they vy lazy. den i usually just talk back to her and say. den i better not follow chinese oso we are greedy and self centered, ang moh lagi worst lansi and snobbish. so wat do i become?

my point is, being anyone is totally dependant of ur self. the evrybody campaign is actually trying to promote tis concept, sadly due to certain circumstances that i dare not say here, its almost impossible.

Here is a commercial for Tm net promoting the site and its mission. starting with a song.

visit the site if u like what their doin.btw their all local artist. =)



Gzhang said...

I never understood how people couldn't tell it was Bunkface from the beginning. I mean, their sound is pretty distinctive.

benjaminvai said...

well. for starters bunkface vocalist don hav that malay accent in him, they kinda sound like greenday or metro station, thats wat my housemates think. lol. but they ARE pretty good.

wow u actually read my blog haha!

Gzhang said...

Maybe it's me but I find the lead vocalist's voice really different. His voice has a somewhat higher tone compared to most people.

Heh. I think it's because I listen to too many songs from different bands. It's easier to discern the voices.

Yes, I drop by from time to time =)

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