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Thursday, September 3, 2009

tis is LOL to the max, my goodness.


in a response to my fellow blogger hwey's posts. just wanted to show one addition to our gang of idiots so far.

what happen was tis was a normal press conference and one of our local english newspaper reporter was askin a question in english and tis idiot who is either unclear with the question or doesnt understand at all decides to say some really stupid and insulting words in a foolish attempt to divert the medias attention, which resulted himself to expose his already well known idiocy in plain public.

how stupid can u get, "alright u wanna talk english , i talk," " changed my mode"




cheahwey said...

I was trying to remember what this fella did that when I saw his name I immediately associated it with something negative. I now remember.

So high above that he sneers at English huh?

This country will never be given a "developing nation" status with turds like this.

Wawasan 2020 can go to hell.

Unknown said...

wow, you posted everything on the same day? if i was the one who triggered you, i hope the others would snap as well.

benjaminvai said...

@hwey we are pretty much on the border between 3rd world and 4th world . lol. developing country from 3rd to 2 and half would be just about right.
and he is suppose to be the minister of culture or something . lol

@ynot lol when i get trigger happy, my google and other sources goes on overdrive. lol. now i got a favourite folder all bout these stuff. lol

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