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Monday, September 14, 2009

some stupid censorship decisions by malaysia censorship board*groan*

censorship list from msn malaysia.

its been pretty obvious that malaysia censorship bans a lot of movies.

their reason was, some shows are just too much for us GENTLE malaysians. omfg.

here's one or two weird and dumb ones that got censored.


Our dear countrymen got touchy when this film’s plot put a pretty male model on a course to assassinate "the prime minister of Malaysia." In Ben Stiller's cult fav, the world’s 2nd best male model, Derek Zoolander, is brainwashed and programmed to assist in a plot to keep the exploitation of child labour going in Malaysia, for the sake of the fashion industry. Zoolander was deemed unsuitable by our film censorship board despite it having minimal sex or violence. The film went on to become one of Stiller’s biggest hits and remains Malaysia's claim to fame amongst thick and uncultured Westerners. We have trouble deciding on whether it was the assassination plot or the child labour that did Zoolander in. Neither helped but we thank Hollywood for the dishonourable mention.taipau says" come on la. i love ben stiller, so does half of malaysia,and who the hell cares la , child labour and assination plots? sigh

AP File Photo


If you thought this children’s film about a sheep-herding pig seemed perfect harmless, think again. In 2005 the movie Babe was banned due to controversy over its title and subject matter not being “halal”. The similarity of the word ‘Babe’ to the Malay word for pig, ‘Babi’, was too close for comfort. Pigs (which are considered ‘haram’ animals) being portrayed in a positive light was frowned upon by local censors. Although this prevented the film from being shown on the big screen, the decision to ban the film altogether was overturned a year later, and it was released to video. It has subsequently been shown on TV here as well. That's another win for the know...guy. taipau says' tis is jsut stupid la, i m quite sure thousands of malaysians including muslims loved tis and didnt mind at all la. like dat go ban anaconda and jurrasic park la, since snakes and lizards are considered halal oso."

AP File Photo


This critically acclaimed film by Bollywood director Khalid Mohamed received a great response from all over the world and won numerous awards in India. However the subject matter strayed too far from the usual rolling-down-a-hill-and-dancing-around-a-tree-plot censors were used to seeing from Bollywood. The movie's backdrop and subject matter were deemed too sensitive for Malaysian viewers. According to local authorities, the portrayal of Muslim terrorists in the film would have offended Malaysians and hinged on the sentiments of the public. There might have been a little truth in that but we think the always delightful Hrithik Roshan would've probably smoothed over any sensitive areas explored in the film's plot. You gotta admit it, the man can dance!

taipau says" i think tis wan is cause its indian, what the hell, if there are subliminal messages in it, u think anyone cared? its not like evryone is gonna watch it.

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all in all, i just think dat we should be a bit proud dat we are actually mentioned in some of the films and just so u guys noe? i m not disturbed by the blood and gore of halloween, if u are den don watch la. simple as dat, we shouldnt be treated like kids not allowed to watch porn! lol. i mean, OK! u can censor porn la. but somethings are not necessary la!. ZzZzZ



Unknown said...

no weih. the reason why they banned zoolander was because the world leader in the show is a malaysian chinese

benjaminvai said...

LoL. shit la i want to watch that show la. assholes lol. malaysian chinese.thats like the worst excuse ever fucking fucking assholes. just because he is a chinese

Unknown said...

it was shown on astro i think although it was banned for cinema showing

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