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Monday, September 28, 2009


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hei all fellow buddies~

taipaueffect will be undergoing a full remodeling upgrade and renovation.

the reason for tis is to accommodate growing viewerships and traffic.

the taipaueffect staffs sincerely apologizes for this long renovation. it will take about three weeks to prep up our new servers . we appreciate your patients.

the staff would like to thank evryone to help us reach our 4 billion viewership mark. we will continue to raise above others.

for now pls log in to our dummy site to receive your N95 giftpack after filling in our 1000 question survey follow by 2000 question on interest.

Pls continue to support us as we will bring much more delights to you 3 weeks later.

staff of taipaueffect!

As a side note, any comments on improvement and suggestions that u would like to add in is much appreciated both on the chatbox section or comment boxes. THANK YOU!hav a nice day!


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